Who are Whale Gamblers and How Can You Become One?

Who are Whale Gamblers and how can You Become One?

If you are a new member of the casino world, you might have heard the term whale gambler. But what exactly are whale gamblers and what is their role in the whole casino world? Why do they get VIP treatment like private jets, five-star suits, and much more? What makes them privy to all this and why does everyone want to become them? Let’s answer all these questions one by one. 

What is a Whale Gambler? 

There are many definitions of a Whale gambler or a High-roller. For a lack of a concrete definition, we can say that whales are gamblers that have a lot of money and have no problem gambling away said money. Whales bet big, and that is why they are so coveted amongst casinos all over the world. These wealthy players have no fear when it comes to gambling and that is why casinos always offer them a lavish lifestyle so they come and play in their casino. Being a high-roller is a coveted place in the world of gambling and very few can reach it. But if you think that you are ready to become a whale, here are a few ways to do so. 

1. Betting Big 

After that intro, it should come as no surprise that the main characteristic of a whale is big bets. If you want to win the casino’s attention, you have to make a large enough bet to force them to notice you. But depending on the place, your status will change as well. A smaller casino might see a person who bets $100 per hand as a whale but a big Vegas Casino will not. Depending on the place you are in, your betting strategy also has to change. Some Vegas Strip Casino whales bet $100,000 per hand. But for them to notice you, you have to play at least $500-$1000 per hand. 

2. Big Deposit

Some casinos give special treatment to players that deposit a large amount of money over players that play big hands. Making a $100,000 deposit at a large casino will bring you on their radar. At smaller casinos, you can deposit about $10,000 and they will notice you. A big deposit gives them the impression that you are willing to lose more money and that they will make a profit off of treating you well. A lot of casinos give credit lines to players that appear to be able to cover losses. 

3. Smaller Casinos that Value Big Bets

If you play at smaller casinos, you are going to get better treatment for a lot less money. Instead of going to big casinos where you have to spend a lot to even be noticed by them, go to smaller casinos and make a big bet and they will treat you like royalty. If you lose a $5000 hand in a small casino, they will give you some of the best rewards that they offer. But big casinos won’t give you the same treatment for that same amount of money. 

4. High roller slots room 

Even though you will find most of the whales at the tables, some prefer the slots. And some casinos offer high roller slots rooms that deliver great comps. Your comps can increase from a 0.1% rate to a 0.3% rate if you bet big at slots. Since it is the fastest game at any casino, slots players lose more money than anyone else. If you wager $25 per spin then the casino will notice you and give you special treatment. They will probably even raise your comp depending on where you are. No matter what game you play, high rollers are always privy to special treatment from the casinos. 


High rollers or whales are adored by casinos and they get a lot of extra rewards and special treatments. If you gamble just for fun then this life might not be for you. But if you are wealthy and want to gamble a lot of money then you might as well go this route and make yourself a special guest at these casinos. Not only will you get VIP treatment like a private jet, a limousine, or a 5 Star suite, but you will also get more rebates and offers from the casinos. You have to patiently climb the ladder to become a whale and a good gambler but it is worth it in the end. 

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