Why Is It That Some Gamblers Cannot Get Into Online Gambling?

Why Is It That Some Gamblers Cannot Get Into Online Gambling?

If you are a poker enthusiast, chances are that you have heard of Johnny Chan. Some say that the legendary ‘Oriental Express’ had started his poker career at the illegal age of sixteen. With a $20,000 cash out amount, no less. Although he stands second to Phil Helmuth in many ways, his talent as one of the top poker players in the world is beyond dispute. So why is it that, for whatever reason, Johnny Chan has never shown any interest in online poker? He is clearly not one to retire from gambling – he has, in fact, defeated the likes of Moneymaker and Helmuth in NBC’s recent ‘Poker After Dark’. There are many seasoned gamblers like Johnny Chan who still do not want to make the move to online gambling. In this article, we will attempt to find why that is the case. 

General Technophobia

The most obvious answer as to why people do not want to indulge in online gambling is simply the fact that they do not feel comfortable on or with the internet. Now, there are some very good counters to the validity of this reason. We can revisit the example of Johnny Chan, who still features prominently on TV shows, ads, and the internet via his tweeter outlet. Moreover, most people do it for somewhat different reasons. The most obvious answer is not always the most accurate one. However, this is still a dominant reason for many of the older gamblers. 

The eldest of the gamblers from the last generations may not have adjusted to the internet that well. If not outright cynicism about the internet, they are too familiar with the real life casino to re-learn and adjust to a new medium. Now, this is not a very good reason, as online casinos try to make themselves very accessible. Nevertheless, it is still a reason for a select few people. 

Addictive Nature of Online Gambling

If anything, online casinos are way too convenient in the current age. Previously, online card rooms used to be a novelty thing. It was even a fashionable fad for pro gamblers in the 90’s. Naturally, the likes of Chris Ferguson became its poster boy. Then it also used to be quite tricky. As times changed, though, so did the landscape of online gambling. It is not simply a matter of better server latency and more internet across the board. Over the years, online gambling companies have given much effort in perfecting their outlook and ease of access. 

Currently, all you need to play a few rounds of blackjack online is a few taps on your smartphone. But with great convenience comes great responsibility. It is so easy to just put in a few rounds of cards casually in a 5 minute work break. You can see how easily that would get addictive. So some gamblers actually make a wise choice in limiting their online gambling habits, or steer clear of it altogether, self-aware about their trigger-happy gambling habits. 

Propensity To Scams

The gambling industry spread like wildfire online in the late 2000’s. These days, there are dozens of new gambling platforms every month. In such a crowded market, there is a belief that online gambling is on average more dodgy. Some gamblers would debate whether online gambling deserves such a reputation. In fact, gambling houses are predatory entertainment places that are always out there to win money from you. So why should online gambling pick up all the flak? Because there is some truth to the myth of the online gambling market being a scam website haven. 

A land casino comes with its own building and such, so rumors about scamming customers with rigged numbers and such is bad for business. But you cannot verify the legitimacy of an online casino that easily. The major, popular ones tend to be clean, but they come with their bells and whistles. Without a cursory read over the T&C, you could be committing to a huge money sink with no easy way out. Moreover, even the most reputable online casino cannot overcome the infamy of slow cash out times and complicated cash out conditions. 

If we had to pick one more reason to wrap it all up, we would like to point out another rather obvious reason. Online gambling cannot completely substitute the casino experience. Gamblers do not just like to gamble. They like the smooth jazz band, the ambiance, the complimentary martini, and the clacking of casino chips. With live dealer games and VR casinos, some of those demands can be addressed. But even that is not the real thing – it is merely the next best thing after a real casino. 

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