World Series of Poker – 7 Things You Should Know


The World Series of Poker, popularly known as the WSOP, is a poker event that is held every year between May and July. This event is generally considered the Festival of Poker and is attended by people from all across the world. These people have generally experienced poker players who are looking to add more prizes to their name through these series of events. Although the WSOP is quite popular and has been for a while, there have been a lot of questions about the games and how and where they are played. In this article, we will answer the 7 things that every gambler needs to know before entering the WSOP.

1. Early registrations

The WSOP generally has a lot of events throughout the days and weeks. However, if the person is playing for the main event, then it is necessary for them to make a registration as early as possible because WSOP has a reputation for processing the checks after a long time. Aside from that, the lines for the event registration are fairly long and may take up a few hours. This can hinder your mindset and set you off on a not-so-good start.

2. Make a wise schedule

When it comes to planning the ultimate schedule at the WSOP, it is necessary to keep a few things in mind, including the budget, food, smart traveling, and friends. Since this event is held in Vegas, it is necessary for people to create separate budgets for the event as well as leisure and food. Smart traveling includes the booking and registration of hotels in advance so that the high prices of that time do not affect your budget. Play can also share their room with friends and family to cut costs.

3. Participate in other tournaments as well

If a person is traveling all the way to Las Vegas for the special WSOP Tournament, then they do not need to limit themselves. They can also take part in casinos or other events during that time which will help them polish their skills and learn more. There are a lot of casinos that hold a 1 day or 2-day tournament and the players of participants can register for these tournaments in advance.  

4.  Avoid obsessing over the main WSOP event

When you think about the main focus event at a tournament like WSOP, all you imagine is glitz and glamour, but that is far from the truth. The initial stack of your chips is rather small and that may take away from your confidence in front of other winners on the table or even some experienced players. The romance that surrounds the main event of the WSOP is not true and may leave you nervous and on edge for the rest of the tournament. It may take up some time for new players to recover their money or even gain a small amount of profit, but that should not stop you from further.

5. Pack smartly

Although between May and June, the weather in Vegas is hot and summary, the conditions inside the tournament hall may require an individual to wear a cardigan or sweater. This is the reason why every person and player should be ready with dresses for all climates so that they are comfortable and ready to play. There are a lot of mind games being played on every level and at every table. This is why it is necessary that you get your clothes from your home and not buy it from the gift shop in the casinos or the tournament.

6. Have enough practice

The WSOP is an in-person event that happens in Vegas annually and it is a very prestigious tournament as well. It is necessary that every player who takes part in the tournament is well versed in all games of poker and has enough practice. It is advised that every player play online poker games so that they are good to go for the tournament.

7. Play live games

Although a lot of people suggest playing online games to have enough practice, it is also advised for the players to understand what happens on the poker table. There are a lot of mind games, people trying to understand the gameplay of other players. All this is necessary for the tournament.


While there are many people who will give a lot of tips to play in the WSOP, one thing to be kept in mind is to have fun. WSOP is a prestigious poker event, but it is necessary for all individuals to play for fun as well as for profit at the same time.

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