Your Guide to Cricket Betting Strategies

Your Guide to Cricket Betting Strategies

JeetWin advocates secure, proper, and responsible gaming. Your enjoyment is our pleasure, and when you win, we celebrate. That is why we are always promoting reasonable gambling. To help you with your cricket betting journey, here are some tips on cricket betting strategies:

Spend Wisely

Topping our list is and always will be to spend wisely. We understand that it is tempting to bet without thinking much about it. Betting in abstract always involve a risk factor. However, responsible spending means you should never spend more than you can afford to lose. This needs to be stressed out as online betting uses online banking and money that is virtual can easily come and go. There are a lot of crash courses available online that help you with budgeting and money saving.

Analyze Conditions

Betting can sometimes be subjective rather than objective. Conditions play a big role in the outcomes of a single game. For example, if you plan on betting in a cricket game, consider the pitch conditions as they have an enormous impact on the game’s results.

Another important factor includes weather conditions. A good summer weather favors the batting team. This is because of a dry pitch causing little movement in the ball, which leads to huge amounts of score runs. A cloudy and wet weather condition favors bowling. It is just easier to swing and to move off the pitch. Batters find it difficult to judge the line of the ball as it comes.

The age of the pitch is also a driving condition in a cricket game, with Four Day and Test Cricket. Days four or five pitch may be harder to bat on. This urges captains choosing to bat first as conditions are more helpful, forcing the opponent to bat on the final day. However, an older pitch may favor spin bowling. Great spinners make more turn and bounce on a worn pitch rather than a new wicket.

Know the Players

If you are betting on a particular game, chances are, you are enthusiastic about that game and knowledgeable on the players, their coaches, and their team history. One should not take this for granted. Knowing the players, how they play and their scoring history increases your chances in betting successfully.

For players statistics, there are many sites that help you with analyzing player status by inputting their recent stats from their current game cycles.

Other important questions to be considered are: do the players come from foreign lands, or do they fare well with the local conditions, do they have home advantages, and sometimes even the fans and watchers’ status.

In-Play Value

This is a good method of cricket betting. Following the play live as it unfolds is an essential rule to observe thus you should always place bets wisely.

Among the aspects you should ask in making this bet is the status of the batsman. Is he known for scoring quickly? If so, a bet on the number of runs scored in the next over is recommended.

In the same manner, if you notice that wicket is falling quickly and there are a couple of fast wickets with two new batsmen at the crease means a risk on the batting side. This is because batters are vulnerable on their first bat. Thus, you should be placing a bet on a wicket at the next over.

Consider the Best Odds

Lastly, as apparent as it may seem, you need to find the best odds every time placing a bet. Comparing and contrasting odds at various bookmarkers is as essential as the first tip. This is to help you never miss out on a profit opportunity.

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