5 Amazing Facts About Craps

5 Amazing Facts About Craps

Craps is probably the most popular dice game in the gambling world. Virtually every online and offline casino offers a Craps table. There are many reasons behind the immense popularity of Craps. One of them is the fact that Craps is mostly dependent on luck. Rolling two dice decide your fate in Craps. Since there is not much room for skills in the game, a lot of people play Craps. And if you are looking for a good time in a casino without worrying too much about skills, then this is the table you should head towards. 

You probably know how to play Craps. But do you know the origins of this game? Or do you know why people seem to fear the number 7 on the Craps table? If not, then we have some amazing fun facts for you about Craps that will make you look at the game from a completely different angle. 

1. Medieval Origins 

The game of Craps might be older than you think. The game Craps evolved from an older game called Hazard. And this game has its origins rooted deep in medieval times, probably in the time of the Crusades! The game has continuously evolved during all these years and become the ever beloved dice roll game as it is now. The game came to the United States from the British and French settlers. The name ‘Craps’ derives from the French word ‘Crapaud’ which means ‘toad’. It is said that the people of the older times squatted down to a toad-like position to play the game. This is probably how the game got its name. They probably didn’t have tables but at least it gave the game a fun name! 

2. 36 Possible Rolls, 11 Possible Outcomes 

As you might have figured it out, in this game, each dice roll has 11 possible outcomes. The numbers range from 2-12. But even though there are only 11 possible outcomes, there are about 36 combinations in total that can reach these 11 results. The two rarest outcomes are the numbers 2 and 12, with only one possible combination each to reach these numbers. And the most common outcome is the number 7, with six possible ways to get the result. This brings us to our third point. 

3. ‘7’ The Most Beloved and Feared Number in Craps 

If you are a regular at any casino, you might have noticed that there is some sort of a stigma around the number 7 at the Craps table. This is weird since it is the most common outcome and thus, should, and is a popular number. But there is a superstition amongst players that whenever most people do not bet on a 7, the 7s roll more frequently. Thus, many people do not say the number ‘7’ out loud when they want to bet on it. Instead, they refer to it as ‘the devil’. 

4. The Longest Ever Craps Dice Roll 

As we mentioned earlier, 7 is the most probable outcome at any craps game. But what if we told you that the longest anyone ever went without rolling a 7 was for four hours straight? It’s hard to believe, right? But this is exactly what happened in Borgata Hotel’s Casino in Atlantic City. An elderly woman named Patricia Demauro got bored with playing slots and went to shoot her shot at the table without knowing anything about it. She lasted for 4 hours and 18 minutes. She rolled the pair of dice 154 times without rolling a 7 and made several people millionaires that night. It is the longest recorded Craps game of all time. 

5. Hard to Manage 

Even though it is a very popular game, you will not find too many tables of Craps in a land casino. The reason behind this is that this game is hard to manage. Many people are always shouting their bids and it is always a conundrum. An average Craps table at a physical casino requires about 4 or more people to manage it. This is why there are not too many Craps tables at physical casinos. 


These were some amazing facts about the beloved game of Craps. It is always fun to learn about new things. It is a very interesting game in itself. But learning about it makes you want to play it even more. Be sure to be safe while gambling and never cross your bankroll limit. If you play carefully, it is one of the most fun and easy casino games of all time. 

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