5 Blackjack Mistakes You Can Fix In A Week

5 Blackjack Mistakes You Can Fix In A Week

Blackjack is without a doubt one of the most entertaining table poker games there is. So obviously, this game also comes with high competition. All over the world, people are always trying to get better at this game any way they can. In a situation like this, you must try your utmost to get ahead in the game. And the only way you can do it is by avoiding making mistakes. Now, do not get us wrong, even pro players have their bad days. But the only way they stay afloat and revert back quickly is by following some simple rules. And obviously, by avoiding some things altogether. So, today, we are going to discuss here 5 Blackjack mistakes that can hamper your career. However, they are actually very easy to fix and here we are going to tell you how. Please read on to learn more.

Avoid low pay

One thing you must learn to do is recognize tables with poor pay. You need to accept that you are at a table with bad pay and play accordingly. Better yet, you need to avoid them altogether. Because even if you play wonderfully and do everything right, low pay can actually hurt your bankroll. Which is of course a loss. You need to avoid tables that pay about 6:5 or even worse. Always look for tables that pay about 3:2. When you play for a 6:5 game, you only get about 1.2 times the amount of your opening bet. But at 3:2 it becomes 1.5 times. Now obviously which is better. 

Avoid tables with poor rules

The next thing you should understand is that in a game of Blackjack all the rules matter. Easy rule simultaneously either increases your shot at winning or decreases it. Now again this is a very simple thing that you can rectify in a very short time. All you need to do is spend some time researching the game and all its rules. As we have said again and again there is nothing you can not beat if you have enough knowledge. Study all the common rules and you will be able to identify which rules maximize your gains. And also which ones make you lose. So next time when you play you will easily understand the odds of winning or losing based on the rules of the table. And you will know which ones to avoid. So study hard, because research is literally your best friend.

Avoid insurance

Although insurance is sold to you as a smart play bet, this is actually a terrible play. Insurance is a bet on whether the face-down card of the dealer is worth 10 points or not. So this is basically a single-card bet. Winning an insurance bet gets you paid 2:1. That is, the odds of the face-down card of the dealer is 10 points need to be about 2:1 or even better. To elaborate it even more, what it means is that when the ratio is 9:4, it gets reduced to 2.25:1. So the odds are of course worse than even 2:1. This is why you should never play an insurance bet. Because this way you are only going to lose more than you gain.

Do acquire a strategy sheet

Whenever you play any poker game, the first thing you need to do is decide on what is the best way to play that game. And you do that by following strategies. Now there are numerous strategies for each card combination and each hand. And it gets even more complicated the more the game progresses. This is why you should acquire a strategy sheet. They are actually easily available and do not cost much. Now if you have it handy at all times, it will obviously make you a better player and increase your chances of winning.

Make sure to get comps for your play 

A very important thing you can do is sign up for players’ clubs in online casinos that offer compensation for playing blackjack. Even if the percentage is not very high, you are getting something back. And it makes all the difference when playing this game.


If you follow these simple steps, you will become a better player in no time. Which will in turn maximize your bankroll. So research and learn all you can about this game and practice hard. Another simple thing you can do is, learn some simple systems to count cards. It is one of the basic and most profitable ways to become a better player and win more. So it is definitely worth it.

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