5 Blackjack Personalities You can Find in Any Blackjack Game

5 Blackjack Personalities You can Find in Any Blackjack Game

Blackjack is one of the most famous casino games of all time. And not simply because it has good odds and simple rules that anyone can follow. There is another reason why players from around the world love this game, and that is the different types of players you get to meet while playing at a Blackjack table. Even though most of the players are nothing to write home about, just another gambler trying to get away from reality. But from time to time, you will meet a person whose personality will strike you so hard that you will always remember them. No two blackjack tables sport the same characters and that is what makes this game so interesting. So here are a few types of personalities you may encounter while playing blackjack. 

1. The Newbie

We have all been here, haven’t we? If you are a blackjack player now, you also were a beginner once. And you will meet a lot of these first-timers while playing at blackjack tables. These players are usually young, maybe in their early twenties, and have no clue about a thing that is going on. Most of the time, they are nervous wrecks who thought to give tables a try after playing blackjack online a few times. They usually have small bankrolls that they burn through pretty quickly. Of course, they improve if they keep at it but encountering a first-timer at a table is always quite endearing. 

2. The Strategist 

Even though blackjack has a specific set of rules that everyone has to abide by, it does not mean that only rules can win you a lot of money. The strategist knows this very well. And they have some strategies that they use to minimize the house edge as much as possible. These players were the ones that consulted cheat sheets early in their careers. But now that they have memorized it, they will look down upon other players for doing the same. They also sometimes act as know-it-alls that point out every mistake committed by other players and scoff at them. Not a very fun breed to encounter, but you will meet them once in a while.

3. The Movie Fanatic 

One type of player you might frequently encounter is the gambling movie fan. They are fun to meet but can be really obnoxious at times. They probably are nerds of the gambling movie genre that love to quote from the movies that they have watched. Even though they are the most excited in the beginning, they quickly lose their interest once they see that blackjack is not as easy as the movies make them be. They quickly lose their money and you can see all their dreams get crushed in a matter of minutes. They are harmless players but very entertaining nonetheless. 

4. The One Who Yells

The chances of you encountering loud people at a blackjack table are low. Because people that love causing raucous usually stick to games like Craps that have a lot of highs and lows. But ever so often, they will wander towards the blackjack table. They are some of the loudest and most excited players you will ever encounter. They love to yell advice to people even if nobody listens to them. These players are there just to have a good time and they do not care how much money they win or lose. If by chance they win some money, their celebrations can be heard from all over the casino. 

5. The Drunk One 

The previous four types that we talked about are relatively harmless players. Even the people who yell have some form of etiquette and the worst they can do is break your concentration. But the drunk is from a different breed. If someone has had to drink a lot in a casino, you will understand it from the way they behave. They have no manners or table etiquette and they will blame everything and everyone out of frustration when they start to lose money. They do lose money at an alarming rate and will make it everyone’s problem. It is better if you do not come across a person like this in your blackjack career. 


We cannot really list all the types of people you might come across at casino tables. Every player has a different personality and most of them, quite honestly, are boring. But every once in a while, you will meet people that you will always remember. Blackjack is a very interesting game in itself, but the people make it even more exciting and fun to play.

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