6 Reasons Why Blackjack Is So Popular

6 Reasons Why Blackjack Is So Popular

Thanks to online casinos, we have a bigger variety of casino gaming than ever before. Even a tame games library on any online casino can present hundreds of gambling games on cue. Granted, most of them are really slot games with different themes and gimmicks. But even so, it is no secret that one can play an uncountable number of different games with just a deck of cards. Some of these – like baccarat or poker – are more popular than others. When it comes to sheer global popularity, though, none can trump blackjack. But why is that the case? In this article, we will explore the six big reasons blackjack is still one of the most beloved casino games to this day. 

1. The Rules of Blackjack Are Nearly The Same Everywhere

Many casino games have variations that change at least one major game rule between them. Sometimes these changes can actually end up making one form of game a huge extent. For example, people prefer European blackjack to American blackjack because of one less green pocket. Now, blackjack is like most deck games in that it has numerous parallel games – pontoon, for example. However, ‘blackjack’ rules per se are absolutely the same across the board no matter which casino you are in. This includes the game mechanics down to even reward pools. 

No matter the country or region you are in, the rules are simple and static. Meaning, if you get good and comfortable with playing blackjack at one casino, you will not have to memorize new rules when you visit a different one. That said, we would still encourage you to give the casino TOS a cursory read whenever you go to a new web-based casino.

2. Blackjack is Player-friendly

Of course, this includes the simplicity of the game. But specifically, we are talking about how fair blackjack is. Casinos are ultimately a business. So they need to make sure they cover some assured profit on average at the end of the day. This means that the casino, i.e. the ‘house’ wins more than an average player does at almost any given game. The difference between the house vs the player winning on an average scale is the ‘house edge’. 

Slot games, in particular, are notoriously difficult to make money on. This results in an exorbitantly high house edge – something like over 10%. However, blackjack is not one of those games. Its rules are fair to both sides, and casinos have as little as 0.5% house edge for the average player. Now, understand that this represents a median win percentage. This does not apply to an individual player or an individual game of blackjack. But a near zero percent house edge still means blackjack is as fair a deal as you can get in the bounds of a casino. 

3. Ease of Access

You cannot just walk into a poker table and hope to learn the game in a couple of rounds. There are just too many little details and intricacies. On the other hand, one can actually learn blackjack in just two rounds of play. The rules are simple: The goal is very simple: to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21 in hand value. Granted, you do need to learn the value of the cards. But even that only takes one round to learn by heart. And the fact that it is so much easier to learn than the average deck game certainly lends it its popularity.

4. Some Assembly Required

We praise blackjack for its simplicity. But if you want the simplest casino game, you might as well go to the slots that only require you to push a button. The truth is that blackjack is a perfect balance between skill and ease. To clarify: it is simple enough that anyone can play it. But its rules also allow for much room to put your skill and experience to use. You can do better than the average blackjack player by being good at counting cards, for example. And having this skill ceiling means that you also get better chances at winning if you get more skillful. 

5. The Bountiful Rewards

Ask any blackjack player what gives it such a low house edge, and they will tell you about the three to one payout. Blackjack gives you so much room for covering your gambling costs that it’s a staple for all experienced gamblers. For starters, you can win the round right off the bat if you score a natural 21. And that actually gives you a three-to-one payout, which is incredible by the average casino games standard. But what if you don’t? Unlike roulette, you still keep going even if the ball doesn’t drop in your court. Blackjack is one of the few games where every player on the table can walk away with a net profit if the dealer scores a subpar hand. 

6. The Rapid Pace

Blackjack will never have a long game. In fact, the average round actually takes as little as five minutes. This makes it perfect for when you have limited time. If a casual player wants to play some casino game in a five-minute break between work, they can do one round of blackjack easily. 

Moreover, the fast pace also makes blackjack all the more exciting. Ultimately, this satisfies one of the biggest plus points of a game: being fun. So don’t forget to have fun, and consult a strategy guide to learn the profitable move for any given hand. 

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