7 Tips To Win Teen Patti

7 Tips To Win Teen Patti

Poker is a card game commonly played in casinos, and over the years, many different variations of poker have developed, including Teen Patti. Traceable back to India, Teen Patti or ‘3 Cards’ has gained immense popularity, especially in the South Asian region. As casino games expand into online mode, this game is now also available online. So that wherever you are located, and whenever you want, you can enjoy a challenging game of Teen Patti. A common part of live casinos and live dealer tables, Teen Patti is a combination of luck and skill. 

In Teen Patti, players can choose to either see their three cards or play blind, and can also move from playing blind to viewing their cards. Only a single deck of cards is used with no jokers and the game continues as long as the players place bets. When playing Teen Patti in real life, you can pick up on behavioural traits of the other players by observing them, however, when playing online, that isn’t possible, so there are other tips you need to use to win the game. 

Here are the top tips to win Teen Patti online:

Understand the Variation

The game of Teen Patti may be relatively simple to understand but even within Teen Patti, there are multiple variations including best-of-four, lowball, wild draw, low wild, high wild, community, draw, high-low split, cobra and bust card draw. Before you play, and especially before you bet money, read the rules thoroughly so you know the nitty gritty specifics of that particular game.

Practice for Free

As they say, practice makes perfect. If you are new to the online version of Teen Patti, or if you are playing after a break, try a few games for free. There are many top sites available that will offer free games. By practicing for free you will become more comfortable and familiar, making it easier for you to win when you play with money. 

Start with Low Bets

Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to Teen patti. Increase your playing time by starting with bets of lower amounts so that you can play more hands at a lower expense. Try to notice patterns in the game and in the way your opponents are playing. This is especially important when you are playing online and cannot directly observe the body language of other players. 

Raise your Betting Amount Slowly

Once you get an idea of the other players and how they are betting, you can slowly raise your own betting amount. Players with weaker hands will typically start to fold. So if you have a strong hand, you can add more risk to the game by increasing your betting amount. This also helps in spacing out your bets, preventing major financial losses in case you do not win.

Play Blind

In Teen Patti, you can play blind as long as you like and see the cards when you want. By starting off with blind, you can focus on the game and analyze its progress by studying the way the other players are betting before deciding if and when you want to see your cards. When you start a round having small bets, playing blind is possible with reduced risk. 

Use Sideshow

The option for sideshow is very useful in Teen Patti, particularly if you have seen your cards as this allows you to request to see and compare the cards of the last player who placed a bet with seen cards. The person with the weaker hand has to pack. A player can reject a sideshow request only thrice, and then will be forced to accept. Sideshow has its risks, so use it only when you are confident of your hand. 

Know When to Pack

At the end of the day, luck does play an important role in Teen Patti. If you notice that you are on a losing streak or simply having a bad hand, then sometimes it’s better to play smart and pack. By packing or folding, you may lose the bets you have placed, but you would have only lost that money bet so far, and you can regroup and try again later. 

Using tips and tricks can always help you up to your game when you are playing Teen Patti, but at the end of the day, it is your experience and instincts that will make a winner out of you. Whether you are winning or losing, remember to have fun, and that a win is always just around the corner.

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