All You Need To Know About Live Dealer Games

All You Need To Know About Live Dealer Games

Casinos have many appeals – they are fun, interactive, and offer the chance to win money. Online casinos have come a long way since the first one was launched in 1996. They managed to recreate the fun and real money aspects. However, for several years a major drawback was the lack of human interaction. While online casinos recreated traditional games and slots. Players sought physical casinos for interactive games. Everything has been changing in the early 2000s when live dealer games are open to online casinos. 

The latest revolution to hit the online gambling industry is live dealer games. These games offer a realistic casino gambling experience to players and a chance to interact with other players. Live dealer games are typically schedule and available only for real money bets. Nevertheless, due to the widespread availability of online casinos; you can find a live dealer game at almost any time at any price point. 

What is a Live Dealer Game?

Recreating the brick and mortar casino experience, live dealer games have real-life dealers hosting games. An experienced casino dealer physically hosts the game with the required casino equipment in a live stream. Interested players can join the live stream and participate in the game. There will generally be a wagering interface through which all interactions take place in real-time. All bets can be placed through the interface itself. 

Generally, to join a live dealer game you need to register with the online casino hosting the game. Participating in such games typically requires real money bets. Some online casinos may have an option to only watch the game; without placing any bets. These live dealer games are now available on mobile devices and laptop/desktop computers. 

Live Dealer Games Vs Live Casino Games

Both games sound very much alike. Nonetheless, there are significant differences between them. Live dealers and live casino games are offering online. Often cover the same game titles. The similarities end there.

Live dealer games are live-streaming and are being hosts by real-life hosts. Actual casino equipment is used for said-games. Same as in land-based casinos, the outcomes of live dealer games are generated organically. Players can also interact with the dealer directly and with each other. The presence of a live dealer tends to add a degree of trust to the game. There are usually specific timings for it.

In contrast, live casino games are hosted and carried out online. There is no physical location of the game. In live casino games, the outcome of the game is determined by random number generators (RNGs). There is additionally a graphical interface that displays the game’s progress. Live casino games are generally available around the clock. 

What are the top Games?

Some of them are: Live version of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Hold’em, Sic Bo and more.


Just like any other online casino game, live dealer games take practice to master. Here are some tips on playing it:

  • Reliable Online Casino: When you join a live dealer game, you need to know the game is transparent. Since the game is hosting by a person. It is important to avoid scams. Hence, make sure you are playing with a reliable and reputed online casino.
  • Stable Internet: The entire live dealer game is live streaming. Internet troubles can ruin the game for you and even result in you losing money. Importantly, ensure you have a stable internet connection before starting a live dealer game.
  • Choose the Game Carefully: Make sure you clearly understand the game rules before you start a live dealer game. Try out a few live casino demo games first to gain familiarity. Only once you are confident about the gameplay should you start live dealer games. 
  • Check out Promotions: Online casinos often offer dedicated bonuses and promotions. For example, discounts on certain scheduled games. Make the most out of these promotions to get a boost on your live dealer games.


If you enjoy people’s interaction, especially in traditional casinos, then you’re in luck. Therefore, online casinos have managed to recreate a live dealer game experience virtually. Now, from wherever you are you can join a table of your favorite game. While you gain familiarity with the game. It’s advisable to start with less expensive games. Once you gain confidence, you can play a table game whenever you want.

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