Andar Bahar vs Other Casino Games

andar bahar vs casino games

Today, players have an abundance of casino games to choose from. As the online gaming industry continues to progress, improve and innovate. We are no longer confined to a few games. Among the many options that we have is Andar Bahar, which is an outstanding Indian game.

It is a popular game among casino players that never stops giving an incredible gaming experience and prizes. Furthermore, Andar Bahar is truly expanding and reaching new heights for every player from all over the world, not just in India alone.

Understanding Andar Bahar Casino Game

Andar Bahar is a well-known traditional Indian card game that promotes India’s culture around the world. It has various names like Katti or Mangatha, and its beginnings started in the side roads and homes of southern India and played as a sort of pastime among the Indian people.

The gameplay of this game is truly simple and does not incorporate any complex tactics as this game deeply relies on luck to succeed in playing. The concept of playing this game is choosing between two sides, the Andar or Bahar. It has a deck of 52 cards, and Andar Bahar players place a bet on whether the next card picked from the deck will be Andar or Bahar.

The popularity of Andar Bahar continues to cross over different territorial landscapes as online casinos grow in India. Today, the fame of this Indian game has grown throughout the country and keeps reaching more players up to today.

Overview of Other Casino Games

Online casino gaming has come with diverse casino games and has different origins. One example of a traditional game that invades online casino platforms is Andar Bahar. However, with such a great game it delivers to its players, but other games want to conquer the same limelight. Those casino games that can be a great alternative to Andar Bahar are the following:


This is a skill-based casino game that is also called 21. Its players must gather cards with a value near 21 but not exceeding this number. Due to the skills essential to winning this game, all sorts of players, including Indians are fascinated by how it plays out. There is no denying that this game can get your attention due to the kind of gameplay it gives.

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This is a chance–based casino game that is popular for its spinning wheel. This game is classic and gives so much unpredictability to those who play it. To win, its players need to predict where the ball will land on the spinning wheel, and that is when the excitement comes in. Roulette will test your patience, luck, and guessing abilities. It is no surprise this game might give off the same vibe as Andar Bahar.

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This casino game is simple, and its rules are easy to follow even without playing experience. Slot games will take you on a great adventure due to their vivid themes, great graphics, and colorful symbols. This casino game can match Andar Bahar’s simplicity with its easy gameplay. No doubt it can be a great alternative to the Andar Bahar casino game.

Comparing Odds and Entertainment Value between Andar Bahar and other Casino Games

The Andar Bahar Casino game has easy gameplay that Indian players love the most. Other casino games like blackjack, roulette, and slots are the common ones that can match up with Andar Bahar. These casino games have a higher fame than Andar Bahar, which may make this Indian game less known if we compare them in terms of popularity.

In terms of gameplay and mechanics of Andar Bahar and other casino games we mentioned, all of them have distinctive features, game dynamics, and unique appeal. However, Andar Bahar’s simplicity and rich origin can surpass any game’s cultural impact.

If we talk about game odds, we aim to demonstrate them and give you an overview of each percentage that Andar Bahar, blackjack, roulette, and slots have. We start with Blackjack, this game has 0.43% – 2%, but this can change once the player uses strategies to reduce it.

Still, the house edge is simply low, so there is a higher chance of winning that makes it favorable to play.

Next is Roulette, the European version, its house edge is 2.70%, which is typically higher than blackjack, which means this casino game does not have the best odds. In short, winning chances can be slimmer than in other games, but still a good game.
While slots have it at 5%, one of the highest odds that any game can possess.

Lastly, Andar Bahar, when you bet on Andar its odds are 2.15%. But with Bahar bet, its odds are 3%.

With all the odds we encounter here, we are having a close fight among these casino games.

Some have it low, while others have it middle and higher. Still, Andar Bahar is giving a great standing in terms of odds and entertainment value despite these comparisons we made.

Addressing Player Concerns About Andar Bahar Casino Game

We understand the potential players of Andar Bahar have their concerns and questions that need to be addressed before playing it. In this section, we will shed light on your matters and answer your unanswered questions about Andar Bahar. Let us look at these top 3 most common questions about this Indian casino card game.

Is Andar Bahar a Chance or Skill-Based Game?

This casino game is not a game of skill. Therefore, it is predominantly a chance game. The results of its gameplay will depend on good fortune as the cards in the game are purely random. Using a skill is not ideal since winning in this game is all about having luck to succeed.

How can I Improve My Winning Chances in Andar Bahar?

We have already mentioned that winning in Andar Bahar depends on luck. Therefore, using any strategy does not guarantee a definite winning despite execution. We are trying to say is, that winning this game is random, and that only means you need to bet with the hope that luck will be beside you.

What are the Wagers Options in Andar Bahar?

In this Indian casino game, there are only two wagering options: Andar Bet and Bahar Bet. From these betting selections, you will only choose which side you will be betting on. That is basically how these bets work once you play Andar Bahar.

Clarifying Misconceptions: Andar Bahar Casino Game Edition

There have been misconceptions that also surround the Andar Bahar. Typically, it is normal for any popular casino game to have myths about them. This time, we will address some of the myths about Andar Bahar and let you know the facts to give you some enlightenment.

Bluffing Can Be Useful in Andar Bahar

Effective bluffing can only be done when you get more information about your opponents and the cards. In Andar, there are limitations to performing those areas that lead to the fact that bluffing cannot be relevant to this game.

Are Strategies applicable to Andar Bahar?

Andar Bahar is a chance chance-based game, and despite that, there are some proven strategies that can somehow improve your winning advantage. Here, we are giving some bullet points that you can implement to elevate your chances of getting wins.

Focus on the First Card That Dealer Picks

When the first card picked is from Black Suit, the dealer will start with Andar Box. When the first card picked is from Red Suit, the dealer will start with Bahar Box. Choose the box based on the suit of the first card and you will be guided on what bet to pick.

Use the Anti-Martingale or Martingale Strategy

If you prefer to adopt the Martingale Strategy, you need to increase twice the amount of your stake once you lose. This is to have a higher chance of earning a big prize once your bet wins. Unfortunately, it appears to carry higher risks if you lose your wager because the wager size has been doubled. However, if you opt for the Anti-Martingale Strategy, you need to increase twice the amount of your stake once you win. This is a safer approach than Martingale’s strategy as you can win real money with fewer risks involved.

Handle Your Wins Appropriately

There is a great approach to handling your wins in the game of Andar Bahar. The approach is to use your winnings to make a wager in this game. This way, you won’t have to spend additional money as you are using your game-winning when placing a bet, and it means this strategy is less expensive.

Where can I play Andar Bahar casino game online?

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Andar Bahar is one of the proudest ever-produced Indian games today. This casino game will show you the rich heritage of Indian culture. If you opt to play a deeply rooted Indian game, then Andar Bahar is the best choice. Other casino games will never match up its game simplicity and rare features. This simply means that this casino game delivers a fantastic experience to those who want to explore Indian casino games.

Therefore, be sure to play this casino game and know beyond its great features. Hurry, register, and play the Andar Bahar casino game here at JeetWin. You will never be disappointed at all. JeetWin’s casino gaming, such as playing Andar Bahar, is among its top entertainment resources to offer.

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