Blackjack Perfect Pairs Explained | How Does It Work?

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

What are Blackjack Perfect Pairs?

Blackjack Perfect Pairs is a side bet in which the player bets that the player’s initial two cards will form a pair. There are three different kinds of pairs, and each pair has a different chance of paying out.

A pair is defined as two cards with the same face value for jacks, queens, kings, and aces. And the same numerical value for cards between two and ten.

Three different kinds of pairs exist:

Ø Same number/face card value, but a different suit and color make up a “mixed pair.”

Ø Same number/face card value, same color, different suit; known to as a colored pair.

Ø Same number/face card value, same color, and same suit make a perfect pair.

Before any cards are dealt, players must choose if they wish to take part in the Perfect Pairs side bet. Therefore, according to the house rules of the physical or online casino where you’re playing. The side bet is going to end before the main blackjack game is played.

How do Blackjack Perfect Pairs work?

When you take a seat at a blackjack table with the Perfect Pair function enabled. Therefore, you’ll see an extra betting circle on the table with the label “Perfect Pairs.” Players can make their bets in this circle on this side bet.

Players must first deposit their initial wager on their hand as usual. Before making a wager on the Perfect Pairs side bet. Players may then place their extra stake on the “Perfect Pairs” circle once all bets have been placed.

The game starts as usual with the dealer handing cards to each player at the table once all bets have been put. Any player who receives a Perfect Pair. Their first two cards will be paid out right away for their side bet stake at odds of 30 to 1.

The side bet is lost if no player receives a Perfect Pair, and the game continues as usual. It’s crucial to know that the Perfect Pair side bet is played in the blackjack game itself. This means that a player can still win on their Perfect Pair side bet even if they lose their main hand.

How do you play Perfect Pairs blackjack?

  1. Along with the main game stake, you also place a Perfect Pairs side bet.

2. You and the dealer both receive two cards at the beginning.

3. Before the main game starts, the Blackjack Perfect Pairs side bet is decided.

4. The Perfect Pairs side bet is included along with the regular play of the blackjack game.

A Simple Perfect Pairs Bet Strategy

Be aware that this method has no effect on reducing or removing the house edge. It’s a nice method to enjoy the perfect pairs side bet. While minimizing losses and maintaining a chance to win one of those prizes.

The goal is to reserve a separate bankroll of bet units equal to the perfect pair reward.


Set aside $125 for the perfect pair bet. If you’re playing at a casino that pays out perfect pairs 25 to 1 and you’re betting $5 per hand. 25 times $5 equals that.

Use that $125 for betting $5 on the perfect pair side bet per hand. Until your bankroll runs out or you hit a perfect pair and receive your 25 to 1 payoff, whichever comes first.

You have a decent probability of hitting an ideal pair between hands one and sixty. If you hit it in the first 25 hands, you’ll have made money, a sizable amount of money. You only lose $125 if you don’t get a perfect pair.

Play your regular hand of blackjack as though you had not placed any money on the perfect pair bet. Therefore, to play a standard blackjack hand, you’ll use basic strategy rules. Moreover, you may encounter a house edge of 1% or less, depending on the other rule changes.


Blackjack’s Perfect Pair feature is an exciting part of the game. Therefore, that could result in large winnings for lucky players. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind that not all casinos offer this option, and it might only be accessible as a side bet. So, always confirm that your casino has this function before playing.

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