Can Online Blackjack Games be Rigged?

Can Online Blackjack Games be Rigged?

One of the most burning questions when it comes to online Blackjack is if they are rigged. And the answer unfortunately is that, yes they can be rigged. Fortunately, most of the time they are not. There are many reasons behind the speculation that online blackjack games are rigged. And in reality, there have been instances of online Blackjack games being rigged against the players. However, most reputable online casinos that offer Blackjack do not want to have anything to do with rigged games and thus use software that deals with completely random cards all the time. Here are some of the things you need to know about rigged online Blackjack games.

Are Online Blackjack Games Actually Rigged? 

This is a very important question that every online Blackjack player has thought about. There is no easy answer to this question as it is very easy for online casino developers to rig Blackjack games. But thankfully, most of the online casinos are not rigged. Most respectable online casino owners care too much about their reputation and legalities to ever delve into rigged games. So if you are playing Blackjack at a reputable and famous online casino, you can play without any worries as they use software that ensures random card dealings. 

Even though all casino games are made in a way that gives the casino a slight edge over the players, a lot of people can overcome it. The house edge is not so much that it makes the games too hard to play or completely biased. But if the game is rigged against the players, it would be too difficult for anyone to overcome it. 

How can Online Blackjack be Rigged?

Unfortunately, there have been some instances where people found out that online casinos were rigged. But they happen very rarely. Since the casino has complete control over the software which in turn controls the game, it is very easy for them to rig games like Blackjack. There had been an instance of the famous Potripper scandal where the owner of the casino could see the cards of the players. This gave them ample power over the players which they used to take money from them. Some casinos rig the games in a way where the casino removes the aces or the face cards. Being a game where not even 50% of the deck is used at all times, it is very hard to determine whether a casino has rigged the game or not. 

Even though it is easy to rig online Blackjack games, most casinos do not do it. The legal backlash can be huge and they might end up losing the casino altogether. Not to mention the ruined reputation that follows. There are rules in place that prevent them from rigging the games. 

How to Avoid Rigged Online Blackjack Games

Like we mentioned before, most casinos do not use underhanded methods or rig the games. However, there are ways to be completely carefree while playing. You should always play Blackjack at a reputable online casino with a lot of reviews and a proper license. Look for licenses from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). These licenses will ensure your safety. Moreover, always read the terms and conditions of the website before entering your details. Some rogue online gambling sites can not only take your money but can also sell your details to a third party. Identity theft is one of the biggest issues here. More than a rigged game. 

If you feel like an online game is rigged, you should immediately leave the site and log out. You can also try and complain to the authorities and they would look into it. But following the aforementioned rules will ensure your safety and keep you away from shady websites that may be rigged. 


Gambling is something that always carries risks. But there are ways that you can minimize them. In the world that we are living in right now, online casinos are very famous and popular. But you should never go on shady sites that can put your money in jeopardy. It is best to stick to popular online casinos that have proper licenses. They ensure your safety and you don’t even have to worry about the games being rigged.

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