From Rags to Riches: Meet India’s Biggest Lottery Winners!

biggest lottery winner in india

India has produced the biggest lottery winners over the years. Apart from winning a significant sum of money in a lottery, these winners have inspiring stories to tell for us. One best ways of getting to know them is by learning about their past lives and how they came to be winners. In, this post, we aim to highlight them here as the biggest lottery winners in India. Let us all discover how their great luck meets winning in a game like the lottery. The following section will reveal the top ten biggest lottery winner in India, so stay tuned as we look into their life facts.

Top 10 Biggest Lottery Winners in India

In this part, we will dive into the success stories of the biggest lottery winners in India. Therefore, make sure you keep on reading as we expose their incredible and inspirational life stories.

Hira Singh – Won $50 Million in The Mega Millions ( Biggest lottery winner in India)

The chances of drawing all your numbers on the lottery do have low chances. But this lottery player was among the lucky ones to reach that winning milestone from the lottery. Singh, an Indian who is residing in the US was a regular purchaser of lotto tickets. This time, he was fortunate enough to match all his numbers to the winning numbers of the said lottery in the US. From the start, he cannot believe his great luck, but he realizes that he did win the $50 Million in Mega Millions. It placed him on our list of the biggest lottery winner in India.

Sandeep Singh: Won $30 Million in The Mega Millions

This young lotto winner becomes instantly wealthy at age 22. His winning status came from buying four lotto tickets for the Mega Millions lottery which paved the way to his millionaire status. Unfortunately, Sandeep Singh’s life story is not all about great fortunes, this young man comes from a heartbreaking love life, having been dumped by the person he loves before winning the lottery. However, his strong belief and persistence in buying lotto tickets grant him the chance to win the prize after his split with his girlfriend. He received a half prize as another lottery winner also won it.

Balraj Awasthi: Won $12.8 Million in The Lotto 6/49

This naturally born Indian works abroad as a chef in Canada to have a better life. During this stay in the said country, Balraj Awasthi never gets tired of buying lottery tickets for a chance of getting a massive jackpot. Not until his prayers came to reality by locking up the major prize, and winning $12.8 Million in Lotto 6/49 in Canada. From average chef to instant millionaire, his ambitions of a better and wealthier life can now happen at any given time. One of the biggest lottery winner in India.

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Tahir Ali: Won $2 million in The Ontario 49

This Indian is another lottery winner, but this time in Ontario Canada 49 Lottery. Tahir Ali’s millionaire status became possible after buying a ticket for the said lottery upon hearing the enormous prize on the radio. His winning has brought massive joy and disbelief to the biggest wins of his life so far. He only won $2 million, which made his life more comfortable and wealthier. Like Singh, his life is an ordinary one that has ups and downs, but his biggest lottery win is life-changing.

Nirmal Damodarsamy: Won $1 Million in The Powerball

For an Indian student studying in Chicago, his lottery winning is a big leap of faith. All thanks to a subscription he made for the US Powerball. It led him to purchase lottery tickets for the succeeding draw. This opportunity paved the way for his chance to secure a win of $1 Million prize at one shot. This unexpected fortune has brought massive money to his account and saved him for his future graduation event. His winning story is from the unforeseen situation that is for him to achieve. It is one of the biggest lottery winner in India today.

Mohammad Salah – Won $1 Million in The Dubai Duty-Free

This lottery winner may shock you with his age. Yes, the age would leave you surprised. Mohammad Salah is the winner we are talking about. He won the $1 Million in Dubai Duty-Free when he was a year old. The thing is, his father registered the lotto ticket under his name. This chance, thus allowed him to receive a big prize. All thanks to his father, Ramsee Rahman, and international lotteries that allowed such policy to name the ticket to someone else.

Ushakiran Patel – Won $1 Million in the Powerball

Ushakiran Patel is another of the big lottery winners of US Powerball. She was an Indian retiree who was living in America. Her wins do not come from regular playing of the lottery. She was into seasonal kind of playing and was unconcerned about participating repeatedly. In continuation of her winning success, her winning lottery numbers do not come from her choices. It is from randomly generated numbers from the Powerball lottery. However, despite her circumstances, her luck played a huge role and let her win the biggest lottery in America.

Prasanth Parasuraman – Won a $286,791 in The Lotto 6/49

It is another Indian lottery winner who resides in Ontario, Canada. He is not a seasonal lotto player, but he is persistent in buying lottery tickets until he makes it. At first, he thought of winning only $286, but he realized it was a six-figure prize. His powerful conviction to winning in lottery opened an opportunity for him to truly win the biggest lottery at Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation. It placed him as one of the biggest lottery winner in India today. From being an ordinary person in Canada, his dreams to travel, and others are becoming a reality now.

Lingaraju D. – Won $514,000 in The Mega Millions

It is another winner not from overseas lotteries, but this time it was from India now. Lingaraju D is a retiree who won $514,000 in the Mega Millions lottery. Sadly, only five out of his six numbers got matched to winning lottery winning numbers. Despite that, he secured thousands of money, despite losing one number to earn the $351 million jackpot. His winnings already provide him with good fortune and can already provide money for this retirement phase, which now can be easily achieved.

Partho Mondal – Won an INR 52,86,935 in The Malamaal Daily

He is one of the biggest lottery winner in India that won from a lottery website. This time, Mondal participated in Lottoland, Malamaal Daily, which paved the way for him to win an amount amounting to INR 52,86,935. Aside from Patel, this lotto winner also uses a random pick option to give him numbers that land him the lottery prize. This lottery player is one good man, as his good fortune was used for a better purpose. It allows him to provide for others, including the needs of his family and friends.


Our list of the biggest winners in India all has Indian roots. However, some of their wins did not come from India, others came from the US, Canada, and Dubai. Despite that, our compilation of the biggest winner in India is a representation that India has produced lottery winners from different parts of the world, not only in India alone. Hopefully, these lottery winners inspire you and pave the path for all of you to earn your winning prize at the lottery no matter where you are in the world.

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