How Do The Blackjack Bonuses Work?

How Do The Blackjack Bonuses Work?

Blackjack is an extremely popular game. Even in the online gambling world, live casinos have seen a rise in blackjack players. The game is simple: you beat the hand of the dealer without going over the value of 21. Going over the value of 21 will mean that you are bust. Blackjack is preferred by many players because it has quite a high RTP – around 99.65%. This makes the blackjack bonuses a tad bit special.

What are the kind of bonuses you might get in blackjack?

The bonuses that you may get in blackjack are similar to many of the bonuses that you may get in other live casino games. However, the catch with the blackjack bonuses is the stringent terms and conditions that they come with. Some of the bonuses that you may come across are:

Deposit bonus

This is the most popular kind of bonus. Here, when you deposit a certain amount of money, the casino will give you a percentage extra of that money as a bonus. These bonuses are mostly written like 100% bonus up to Rs. 10,000. This means that if you deposit Rs. 5000, you will get an extra bonus of Rs. 5000 in your account. However, if you deposit around Rs. 15,000, you will only get Rs. 10,000, as per the terms.

No-Deposit Bonus

If you are lucky, then you may find a trusted casino that provides a no-deposit bonus to you. A no-deposit bonus, as the name suggests, means a bonus which you can get only by registering. You do not have to risk anything and hence, it might seem like a free-run for you. However, most casinos are not as generous and no-deposit bonuses are really rare. You may have to scour the online casino world to find such an offer.

Cashback or free bets

Certain casinos can also offer cashback or free bets for you. Free bets mean that if you bet a part of your money and lose, then the casino will be giving you back that loss. Hence, in this case, you do have a stake, but eventually, you may get that stake back from the casino. This is a great bonus if you are someone starting out but it is again, a rare one to find.

VIP awards

Finally, there are VIP awards. These bonuses are not related to blackjack as a whole but they can surely come in handy. Most casinos have a loyalty program. If you become part of the loyalty program and move up the tiers, you will get many different benefits like cash backs, conversion of loyalty points to cash, etc. You may even get a better deposit bonus as well.

Note: Bonus Blackjack and Blackjack bonuses are different

One should realize that both bonus blackjack and blackjack bonuses are different. Bonus blackjack is a variant of blackjack where you have to place the main bet and a side bet. When you place a side bet, you may bet on whether the dealer, player or both will get a natural 21. If you win, you get a 15 to 1 win or payout. Blackjack bonuses on the other hand are bonuses a casino gives when you play blackjack.

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Getting the bonus

Now, how will you get the blackjack bonus? Well, here are certain ways:

1. Registration

First thing first, you have to register at the casino. When you register at the casino, you will have to make a deposit to play blackjack. So, you may have to put some money at stake.

2. Bonus Code

Many sites offer bonus codes for a specific casino. If the bonus code is a relevant one, then you can use that bonus code to get an added bonus when you actually start playing blackjack.

3. Deposits

If you are looking for deposit bonuses, then you have to place a deposit to get the added bonus.

4. Meet the Terms and Claim your reward

If you meet all the terms and conditions, you can finally claim your reward.

The Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of an online casino will help you get the reward. The terms and conditions include:

1. Turnover

Turnover means how many times you should bet to get the reward. This is usually the case with most bonuses in a casino. Generally, blackjack has high turnovers since it has high RTP too.

2. Time

There can be a specific time given against the bonus. So, you may have only a week or 15 days till you can use the bonus, or else it can go invalid.

3. Deposit methods

Certain deposit methods may not work when it comes to bonuses. For example, many casinos do not give bonuses when deposits are made through e-wallets.

4. Max bet value

There are max bet values that you can put to get the bonus. These should be mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Finally, if you meet all the terms, you can withdraw the bonus with the right withdrawal method. Many gaming sites will give certain forms of bonus but it depends on you how you can find the best one for yourself.

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