How To Calculate Odds In The Game Of Poker?

How To Calculate Odds In The Game Of Poker?

For a game as uncertain as poker, you need all the help you can get to win your hands. From practicing to mastering the game and learning all you can about it, there are steps that all poker players have to go through. However, it still might not be enough in the long run if you are unsure about certain technicalities. A certain technicality like that is odds in the game of poker. Calculating odds will give you a clear idea about what you can do to measure your hand and whether you should call a bet. Here in this article, we have explained to you what exactly poker odds are, why they are important, and how to calculate them to use to your benefit.

What do Poker odds mean?

Essentially, poker odds are the probability that can measure whether you are going to win or lose a hand. It can also give an idea as to how regularly you need the best hand to be in your court to win a game. In no limit Texas hold’em every step from bets, to raises and calls have their own particular odds. This is one of the most basic things that you need to keep in mind while playing poker. Measuring the odds you have been dealt and odds you are providing your opponent is one of the ways to determine whether you are going to win or lose. This is true for not only a particular game but also in the long run.

Why are they important?

All things in life need to have a plan in motion to achieve a goal. This is true for poker as well, if not even more so. Being one of the most unpredictable games, if you go in without the basic understanding of poker odds, you risk losing a lot more than you gain. It might seem a little complicated in the beginning, with the numbers and calculations, however, it is actually no more than elementary level stuff. Like with everything you will easily master it with a little time investment and practice. Well, it helps you win in your favourite game without sweating too much. So, what’s with some numbers, right?

How to deal with them?

Odds are basically measured with a format of starting pot: the size of the bet. For example, if the starting pot is $20, and a player bets about $10, then the pot size becomes $30 with the player now facing a $10 bet. Now, the odds are 30:10. 

Ideally, the right side of the ratio should be 1. To do it, you need to divide both sides of the ratio by 10, now the odds become 3:1. To further convert it to percentage, add both sides together, and divide 100% by that. So, 100% divided by 4 results in a quartet of 25%. Now, multiply both sides with 25% and you get a ratio of 75%: 25%.

After calculating this, you understand that for every time your opponent bets on half of the pot, you have a chance of getting the best hand about 25% times to call the shots. That is, without considering any other actions from both sides. Obviously, the calculations become much more complicated the further you try to predict.

The big question: should you call the bet?

It becomes a lot easier to determine whether to draw or call a hand if you can measure the odds. It is possible that will end up facing bets with hands that have the chance of becoming the best ones. While previously holding no showdown value.

In Texas hold’em you have 47 unseen cards. Leaving two cards in your hands and three on the board. If you get two cards of the same suit and the same two are displayed on the board, then to complete your draw you need one more. Four cards of the same suit will leave nine cards that will not complete your draw.

Now the odds become 38:9, that is, roughly 4:1. Now, it means that if you do not get better odds or the same ones, then you can not call the bet. That is without considering any other factors. Again, it obviously becomes a lot more complicated if you consider implied odds.


Poker is a game of practice and experience above all else. You need to learn all you can about the game and find a way to master a few techniques through practice to become a pro. Poker odds are just one of those little techniques. So practice with patience and enjoy your favourite game to the maximum.

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