How To Play Hi-Lo?

How To Play Hi-Lo?

Casino games can appear intimidating at times, with complicated rules and strategies. Yet, if you want a simple and quick game to play, then the Higher or Lower card game is one of your best options. Also known as Hi-Lo, the game involves you playing against the dealer. Each round completes within minutes, giving you plenty of time for another round. 

A popular part of online casinos, Hi Lo has several variations available. There are random number generator games and live dealer versions. Graphics and themes further add spice to the simple game. Typically, Hi Lo involves steady low value bets, although you can find free games and high value real money games as well. 


The goal of Hi-Lo is to predict whether the second card dealt will be higher or lower in value to the currently visible card. The game uses a single deck of cards, without the jokers and the player is pitted against the dealer. 

How To Play Hi-Lo?

To begin a game of Hi Lo with real money, place a bet and a card will be dealt with the face up. All you need to do is, predict whether the next card will have a higher or a lower value than the face up card. If you are correct, you win the indicated payout, if you are wrong, you lose your bet. One round of the game completes and you are ready to play again. If you are playing for free, the game will start from the first card dealt face up.


There are no fixed payouts ahead of the game since the payout will depend on the card that was first dealt. If there was a great likelihood of the next move being higher or lower, the payout will be less and vice versa. For example, if the visible card dealt is a 4, it is highly likely the next card will be higher. So, if you win that hand, you will have a relatively low value of payout. Still, if you bet a high amount before the game, you can still win a great amount regardless of the payout scale. Some Hi Lo games may have an adjusted payout schedule, but the general principle is based on the game odds.  

Why you should play Hi-Lo?

There are many reasons why you should play Hi Lo. Online gambling involves personal preference, but Hi Lo is a popular choice for many. There are numerous top online casinos in the market that currently offer Hi Lo, along with several of its variations.  

  • Fast: Some casino games need a time commitment, but Hi Lo is not one of them. The overall game play takes place in minutes, leaving you with enough time to play more rounds, or get back to work. Hi Lo is a great way to pass the time when you have a few minutes free.
  • Easy: Hi-Lo is one of the most easy to understand games available in online gambling. There is no need to remember any complicated card rankings, pairs, rules, or strategies. All you need is common sense and logic.
  • Variety: There are many variations of Hi Lo available, with different themes, bonuses and betting options. You can also experiment with free games, real money Hi Lo, live dealer games and table games. As a result, you are unlikely to get bored from this simple game any time soon. 
  • High RTP: The Return to Player (RTP) percentage indicates the ratio of winnings returning to the players. The RTP also indicates the house edge. In Hi Lo, the RTP is estimated to be approximately from 95% to 98%. This shows the house edge to be minimal and players having a high chance of winning.
  • Accessible via App: Many games are now available on mobile devices. This can be either through optimized websites or dedicated apps. However, complex games are often more difficult to play on small screens. In comparison, Hi-Lo, with its simple interface, is a great game to play on mobile devices and on the go. 

Final Words

A fast-paced online casino table game, Hi-Lo has become a fan favorite. There are no intricate strategies or complicated rules. Easy, engaging, and fun, Hi-Lo is now offered by numerous online casinos. It is a game that can be played at any time, for virtually any money amount. There are plenty of free games available if you want to gain practice. Real money games are also abundant if you want to test your skills and win money.

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