Inside Bets in Roulette – When to Place These Bets?

Roulette Inside Bets

Placing Inside Bets in the game of Roulette is one of the major ways that most players use to increase their earnings from the game. Roulette being one of the major entertaining online casino games, is a high favorite among the players. It is an easy game to play and has a huge client base for playing. Over the years the game has had multiple variations and it has evolved fundamentally. The roulette inside bets is one of the most popular ways of playing the game. Roulette has multiple versions – American, French and European. One of the most interesting parts of the game is the different types of bets that you can make. Creating a personal strategy for these bets also helps in winning the game at a faster pace.

Let us now focus on roulette inside bets because this is one of the most important strategies for winning in the game. Inside bets are the possible types of bets that you can make in the  Roulette table’s inner section. For example, when the player places the chip on any single number, it will be considered as the inside bets. The roulette inside bets offer a very high payout and the chances of winning are very less in this type of bet. Roulette Inside Bets are very popular for risk takers.

It is in fact used maximally by the aggressive players who are pro at taking risks. The positive side of the game is that you can actually have a very high bank role when playing the game. Inside bets are of multiple types and almost all of them are ideally used in the game of Roulette to successfully win the game. Here is a list of the most popular six types of Inside Bets:

Straight Up Bet

As the name suggests this is the simplest and easiest type of bets in the game. Therefore, the player needs to put a chip over a single number. The winning payout is 35 to 1. In the straight up bet, the game will only continue only if the ball lands on the exact same number on which the player places the wager. For any other position of the ball, the player loses the game. Though it may seem to be a very simple type of bet, the chances of winning are quite less. Though the rewards can be high, yet it is very difficult to ace the straight up bet.

Street Bet

In this type of bet, the wager is placed at the terminal position of the row, in which three numbers are placed end to end in a row. Suppose the three numbers in a row are 8,9 and 10. The winning payout of the game is 11 in this case.

Split Bet

This is a particular type of double straight up bet. In this type of bet, the wager is placed on two adjacent numbers and this particular number will be between the two numbers on which wager is placed. For example, suppose the bet is placed on 15 and 16. The winning payout for this bet will be 17 to 1.

Five Bet

In a five bet system, the wager is placed at the corner right next to 0 and 1. The bet involves certain numbers like 0,1,2,3 and 00. The wagering is placed on 00 and the bet is used particularly on the American Roulette games. The winning payout of the game is 6 to 1.

Corner Bet

It is almost the same as street bet – the concept is exactly identical, the only difference being that, in street bet the wager is placed on three numbers at a time whereas in Corner bet, the wager is placed on four numbers at a time. The bet consists of four numbers and the wager is placed on the corner, exactly the confluence point of the four numbers. The winning payout is 8 to 1.

Line Bet

When the bet in Roulette is placed in two rows and each row contains 3 numbers, the wager is placed right at the end of the two rows at a point between each other. The winning payout in this case is 5 to 1.

Snake Bets

The last form of inside bets in the roulette system is the snake bet. It is rare and has the same rewards as the Dozen bets. Opting for the snake bets is not always possible because the chances are rare.

Depending on whether a person is an amateur player or a pro player, one can use different strategies for playing.

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