Introducing Andar Bahar: India’s Answer to Live Casino

Introducing Andar Bahar: India's answer to Live Casino. Read here to know about Andar Bahar, how to play it, and how to win.

You all know Poker and Blackjack. These two are one of the most recognized and popular table casino games and it’s no wonder. Aside from being exciting and fun to play, these games are often addicting yet satisfying. However, learning those games takes time with all the technicalities in gameplay, rules, and general game knowledge needed. What if I tell you that there is another engaging yet simpler game available online. Today, let’s look at the famous Indian game Andar Bahar.


Andar Bahar hails from the Indian subcontinent. South Indians, specifically people from Bangalore, first developed the game and slowly, the game gained considerable following and popularity in the whole country. The game since then has crossed different platforms including the growing market of online casinos. The game is often compared to the likes of baccarat, blackjack, and even roulette where a huge game following created clubs and organizations alike.

Online casinos offer a better platform than its traditional counterpart. Here, players are not only introduced to an awesome game, they are also presented with a bunch of promotions, bonuses, and in-house exclusives. In addition, online platforms give an easier learning method and gameplay.

Game Rules

To play Andar Bahar, players need to follow these simple rules:

First, Andar is the left deck while Bahar is the right deck. Players must place their cards either on the Andar or on the Bahar. Onset, players have 50% chance of winning with a single deck of cards. The dealer then cuts the deck and reveals the cards to the players. After seeing the cards, players may choose to bet either on Andar or on Bahar, predicting whether the next card is of the same value or not.

For example, when the dealer cuts the deck showing a card with a value of 5, players must place their bets either Andar or Bahar. The dealer then deals on both slots simultaneously, starting from Andar when it’s a black suite and starting from Bahar when it’s a red suite. When a card with a value of 5 shows on either deck, the players which predicted the same win double while the players who predicted wrong lose.

Betting and Payout

Placing bets on this game depends on the player. However, on online platforms, there is a minimum and maximum betting limit from INR20 up to INR10,000 per game.

Payout depends on the luck of the players. A correct prediction at the first deal produces a 90% payout. This means that a bet of INR 100 yields a payout of INR 190.


Online platforms come either the live version or the video version with the live being the better option. The live version includes a live dealer where players may talk to in real time. In addition, multiplayer allows for a group of players not stationed in one location to play the game at their most convenient time and place.

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