Is It Beneficial to Place Side Bets in Blackjack?

blackjack side bets

Blackjack is the most popular casino game, with simple rules and easy-to-learn strategies. Under the basic rules of Blackjack, you bet on your chances to beat the dealer and accordingly set your moves. Blackjack side bets are additional wagers you can make in the game. This betting type focuses on predicting what cards you or the dealer have. You can make your side bets before any card dealing. However, little or no blackjack strategy can affect your winning chances. It is because it is solely down to luck. 

Card counting can point out when you have the benefit of several side bets. The most attractive part of side bets hides in their payouts. So, if luck is on your side, your winnings can expend whatever you win in a blackjack session alone. The rewards and exciting risks of side bets are enough for casual layers. Even they forget the massive house edge that comes with side bets.

Benefits that Make Side Bets Attractive:

There are two major reasons players love to place side bets in the Blackjack game. The first is that blackjack side bets are usually very rewarding, and some even promise potentially huge wins. Secondly, they are exciting. So it makes Blackjack more entertaining and varied. Even if you love to play Blackjack, you solely become tired if you play it too much. Side bets in Blackjack offer variety and help mix up the gameplay. It will allow you to stay entertained for a long period. Here are some of the greatest benefits that make it beneficial to place side bets in Blackjack.

Win Huge:

Side bets in the Blackjack game are additional stakes you place during the standard play. However, these stakes need a small wager. The payouts they bring are bigger and better than what you get from the main stake. Blackjack side bets will give you a chance to bring more than money and not settle for an even win. The payout can be huge, but the chances of striking gold via this option are bleak.

Offer Boosted Gaming Experience:

Side bets in Blackjack provide a boosted gaming experience. It is a good option if you are tired of making just a single stake at a time. Blackjack side bets offer a higher house edge than standard bets. Several players feel that this option is a real gamble. It is because you need to place it before card dealing. There is no doubt about it that it is a high-risk option. So, it would help if you think logically and genuinely before choosing it. However, it is also a fact that with risk, there are many chances of hitting a huge payout.

Provide Longer Odds:

One of the biggest attractions of Blackjack is that it has a very low house edge compared to other gaming options. Therefore, the odds of losing big are low and similar to the odds of winnings. Most players end up losing, or at best, bring home even money. However, the big win eludes you; the best you can get is the 2:1 win option. It is where blackjack side bets come into the picture. They provide you the option to play longer odds to provide bigger wins. For example, if the normal bet options for the house edge are 2%, it grows to 10% or more. 

Common Types of Blackjack Side Bets:

There are many side bets available on a blackjack table. It provides a lateral menu in the online Blackjack. Here is complete detail about the three most common types of blackjack side bets. It will help you to choose any of the options that suit you.


It is the most famous type of side bet that you can choose to use in Blackjack. Insurance offers you the upper hand to cover your cards against the Blackjack if the dealer draws an ace face-up card. The payout your get is 2:1 when the dealer has Blackjack. The insurance option brings down the complete house edge. 

Perfect Pairs:

It is a special side bet type of Blackjack that uses your cards. In case you deal two of a kind, then you will get payouts as follows:

  • Perfect pair
  • Mixed pair
  • Colored pair


It is also one of the most popular types of side bet in Blackjack. 21+3 Blackjack Side bet takes into account your two cards with the dealer’s face-up card. It provides you with a payout for many different types of combinations. 

  • Straight: If all cards are consecutive, then the payout is 10:1
  • Three of a Kind: to get 3 cards of different suits, the payout is 30:1
  • Flush: If all are suit cards, then the payout is 5:1
  • Suited triple: To get three same cards, the payout is 100:1


There are many benefits of side bets in Blackjack that make it beneficial. The biggest advantage is that blackjack side bets take away the boredom from the game. It enhances excitement and interest. Moreover, it can also allow you to place more than one bet. Side bets open the chances of getting bigger wins and not the unusual even money.

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