Is online lottery legal in India? Everything you need to know

is online lottery legal in india

In India, one of the most well-known and participated games is the lottery. Indians have embraced this game completely ever since it has been available in the nation. From being available in local communities, which out to be authorized by Indian states, was once the most popular method of accessing legal lotteries.

Additionally, with the emergence of the digital era online lotteries have entered scene in India. Giving many access to their beloved lottery games in a more convenient way.

Online lottery admission to the country is projected to surpass the popularity of local lotteries. However, doubts still remains “Is online lottery legal in India?

Is Online Lottery Legal in India?

In the legal aspect of online lottery in India comes the complexities in the law that applies to it. To give you a better context, the Indian government has given each state the right to legalize lotteries in respective districts. It is permitted in 13 states, but the remainder may be prohibited. However, for us to answer directly whether is online lottery legal in India, we assume it is legal as the tickets are purchased from online sources. Since most online lottery platforms in India are operating outside Indian territory. It means it is not subject to any governing lottery laws that exist in the country. Plus, in India, the government and each state do not enforce penalties for using lottery websites that operate outside of the said country. 

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International Lottery Online in India

In terms of international lotteries in India, the Indian government has no legal implications for them. It depends on the ruling of the state that you are residing in India. Some states allow it, while others do not welcome such activity. The emergence of international lottery online in India is highly possible and welcomed. Thus, giving every Indian the chance to take home millions of dollars once their lottery numbers matched the winning numbers.

Types of Lotteries in India

The lottery games in India are also classified into three categories. Therefore, before buying tickets for this real money game, let us first determine which category we should participate in. This way, we are guided appropriately on what lottery game is legally allowed in India.

1. Government Lottery Games:

This lottery type is the most common one that can be found in India. It is organized and run by the administration of each state. This game takes place more than once every week.

2. International Lottery Games:

This lottery type is a new sensation in India. These are the lottery sites that allow Indians to purchase tickets and play lotteries in whatever part of this world.

3. Indian Lottery Games:

This lottery type is focused on Indian people. Same with International Lottery Games, you can also purchase tickets online. In this lottery game, some platform’s tickets come with prizes, while a few do not ask for a fee for tickets. 

Before we end this portion, we hope you get some idea of which lottery type you want to take part in if you aim to buy tickets from these available sources in India.

How to Purchase and Play Lottery in India?

Speaking of purchasing tickets, you are only permitted to buy lottery tickets in Indian states that allow this activity. To purchase lottery tickets, you must do it from authorized run-state lottery sellers and state-run lottery websites. The buying should be within the state jurisdiction that allows it, where the lottery draw is happening. This form of buying is the typical way for Indians to participate in lottery games, and it is State-Run Lotteries or Government Lottery Games

In terms of online lottery tickets, they obviously can be purchased online. This kind of buying does come with certain instructions that you need to follow. There is a registration process that takes place with online lottery sites. Such as providing your information, including your name and anything related to your identification. Once done, you can move forward in the below steps to proceed with buying tickets online.

The Steps to Follow After Registration To Play Lottery

1. Login to your account on the lottery website.

2. Proceed to deposit transactions to fund your account.

3. Next is to choose the lottery game of choice.

4. Now, buy tickets and choose your lottery numbers.

5. Wait for the game to start and to complete the draw.

6. Once done, check your lottery numbers to see if you win.

Tips to Succeed in Winning Online Lottery Games in India

There have been many tips about lottery games in online guides. In this section, we aim to provide useful tips that will maximize your winning chances in the lottery. Here are the top 5 lottery tips that may guide you towards your winning goals. 

1. Play the Best Lottery Game:

Allot some time to know the lottery game that you intend to play. Since not all lottery games are equal, some games will perform better than others. For instance, the first lottery game of choice does offer a low jackpot, while the second game provides a higher prize. Make sure you understand the opportunities of every lottery game you aim to play.

2. Purchase More Lottery Tickets:

The tickets are the source of our winning chances in playing lottery games. The more tickets we have on our side, the better. All because it increases our opportunities to land a win, as we know we have more resources to make in the draw. 

3. Choose Different Numbers for Your Lottery Tickets:

Using different numbers for your tickets would bring open possibilities to win. Being flexible with lottery numbers is the best way to increase your chances that your numbers will be drawn in this money game.

4. Play Smartly by Being Consistent:

Despite your first attempt, your numbers did not push through as lottery-winning numbers. There are more chances that your numbers may win, and consistency is most important. Luck can offer you another chance and may allow you to win by using your lucky numbers again in your lottery tickets.

5. Always Be Optimistic:

Being hopeful and staying positive is the best asset of someone who believes that winning can happen to him. In a game of lottery, patience is a virtue, and players of this game should possess this attitude. Winning in the lottery is relatively low, but a great mindset and optimism are the main ingredients in winning a game like a lottery and should be followed accordingly.

What Are the Online Lottery Games Available in India?

There are the top three games that we aim to list down here in case you are wondering which online lottery games you can play in India. Here are the some of the lotto games available in India.

1. Mega Millions: This lottery game is well-known in India since it offers one of the biggest jackpot prizes that anyone can get from a lottery. There is no doubt this lottery game can make anyone an instant millionaire due to its massive winning payout.

2. Powerball: This lottery game is from America and is playable by players in India. It is also popular due to its massive jackpot prizes like Mega Millions. Its prize will surely change the life of someone in an instant, all thanks to its winning prize.

3. Euro Millions: This lottery game comes from Europe, and is widely seen as one of the most popular lotteries in the world. Like other mentioned online lottery games, this game’s jackpot prize can change someone’s life for the better. 

There are also other lottery games available in the Indian Market. For example, the lottery games of JeetWin, such as the lottery ticket, lottery, Thai lottery, Lao lottery, happy lottery, and gold Rooster lottery. These lottery games are available on JeetWin, and you can play them anytime you want on the said platform, 


About the question, of is online lottery legal in India, we hope we answered this matter. Online lottery is legal if we look at foreign lottery websites’ standpoint. The Indian government and its states do not impose a law that forbids Indians from buying lottery tickets online, especially those that come from overseas. It is even possible for Indian players to play online lotteries despite living in states where it is banned. 

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