Live Online Casino Games from Asia | Full Review


Asia Gaming was established in 2012. It proved itself as the most cutting-edge Asian live gaming supplier. They have more than 100 slot machines, table games, and video poker games also as online casinos.

The developer strives to produce top-notch. And unique goods and operates under the motto “Impressive Experience Only.” For example, Asia Gaming was the first to provide interactive Bid Baccarat and pre-dealing 6 cards.

Despite the fact that most of their games were created with the Asian market in mind. They made sure that players in Europe and other areas of the world could access them.

The business has a First Cagayan license. And Gaming Laboratory International has certified its live dealer platform.

Asia online casino game Baccarat

You will get one of the 8 player places in Live Classic Baccarat when you start the game. There are 8 decks used. Banker and Player Pair, Big/Small, Banker Dragon Bonus. And Player Dragon Bonus is among the side bets that are available.

When the Banker/Player hand is a natural with a greater point total than the opposing hand. Or if the sum of the winning hand is 4 points or higher than the losing one, the last two hands win.

In a film shot in widescreen, the dealer is in a space that looks like a real casino floor. With several more tables in the distance. The digital images of the given cards. Which are on the left, and act as a necessity rather than an extra because they are difficult to read. Below the camera feed are the standard five roadmaps. And in the bottom left corner is a covert menu that provides quick access to Lobby, the game’s rules, and settings.

Over the dealer’s speech, a pre-recorded voice calls results. And informs when bets should be placed. It can be turned off, and the same goes for the casino sounds and background music.

Asia Online Casino game Roulette

Live roulette is a single-zero version of regular European roulette. The dealer and wheel are in a video that can be zoomed in and out. Bets are placed on either the Racetrack located below or the digital betting table on the right.

It’s very helpful to see payouts and betting limits for each of these when you move your cursor over them. The same settings and other choices are available as in Live Baccarat games. And detailed statistics show up at the bottom. At Dafabet, gamblers may bet as little as €2 or as much as €5,000.

Asia Online Casino game Dragon Tiger

The game Dragon Tiger has a similarity to Baccarat. Players bet on which of the two cards will be higher as only two are dealt, one to the Dragon and the other to the Tiger. Therefore, the game has the same layout as Live Baccarat and only accepts the bets Dragon/Tiger/Tie.

Asia Online Casino game Sic Bo

Three dice are used in live Sic Bo, which is shaken with the aid of a mechanical container. Therefore, there are many possible outcomes that can be backed, and among them, some triples offer the best payoff of 150:1.

In the middle of the screen is a huge video of the glass container. And a digital betting table is superimposed over a real one. Statistics can be set to display outcomes for dice rolls, big/small numbers, sums, and even/odd numbers. Therefore, Dafabet also offers live Sic Bo with small and largest bets of €2 and €5,000.

Asia Online Casino game Blackjack

Midway through 2017. Live European Blackjack was introduced to the company’s platform to serve European gamers. There are many extra betting chances in the game. But other than that, there isn’t much else we can reveal. Because we haven’t yet discovered a casino offering.

JeetWin Online Live Casino games

JeetWin offers live games from studios that have an elegant, upmarket appearance. Offers an outline of the games that are along with the dealer. The language used at the table, the betting limits, the number of players, game statistics, and a timer.

Although the gaming interface often has a lot of information shown above the live feed. It does not distract from the table’s and the game’s view. Players can get the option to select their language of choice. Visit JeetWin and go over to its online live casino games and discover its great features. Sign up now to fully access and play them all.

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