Online Casinos: Expectations vs Reality

Online Casinos: Expectations vs Reality

As the world moves towards technological dependency, more and more industries shift from traditional brick and mortar to online presence and services. Frankly, the casino industry is not new to this. Along with emergence of the internet in the early 70s, casino corporations have not shied away from taking their businesses online and with a global market reaching USD 94.4 Billion by 2024, online casinos will soon rake as high as its physical counterpart.

Truly, it is no surprise that the two industries have a different set of patrons and for their own reasons. Statistics show that the online casino industry is on the rise and will continue to grow. However, what people really think of online casinos? Are they the way to go? Today, we look at people’s general expectations of the same and how they fare with reality.

Service Rating

People often mistakenly brand online casinos with poor customer service, and we understand why. For example, some pioneering businesses in online casinos focused on products rather than customer service. Most of the times however, the technology is not yet advanced as to give a better customer service so attention to the aspect is not as detailed as in physical casinos where customers can just go over an attendant and ask queries and problems.

This is hardly the case anymore, as most online casinos now are competitive both in quantity and quantity. People who have passed on these early on are missing a lot and need to reevaluate. Modern establishments are equipped with high-level security features with live customer service operators. This means that all customer questions and even grievances are taken seriously in a quick and professional manner.

Players Status

What people repeatedly and incorrectly attribute to online casinos is that the industry is only for high-rollers. Surely this is understandable as after all, online seems to be luxurious and for private groups. However, except for having to create an account, playing in online casinos is virtually and literally anonymous. Players register only for the purpose of accounting for banking information, while their names are often nicknames or screen names.

Winning Chances

Lastly, people wrongly impute online casinos with average to low prizes as compared with land-based casinos. This we strongly refute. While physical casinos may comp players with drinks and foods while playing, their online counterpart can double players money up to a certain amount and more. Most even give free spins and some offers tournaments where players can win exclusive prizes. These bonuses and promotions that are exclusively available on online casinos give players a fighting chance to get back the money they might have lost. In addition, these bonuses and promotions are often given without the players having to shell out money as companies give them for free.

This features along with high jackpot and a huge collection and a variety of games; online casinos are made for the modern customer and will sure last.

Online Casinos: Expectations vs Reality
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