Richard Marcus – The Cheating Genius of the Casinos

Richard Marcus

Marcus Humble Beginnings

Richard Marcus spent most of his adolescence in Bergen County, New Jersey. His involvement in gaming has been traced back to his early years of playing with his father and predicting what color the next car would get. Besides, he and his friends were collecting and flipping their baseball cards. In fact, Richard dropped out of college and started to explore all kinds of gambling.

First Introduction to Gambling

During his next teen years, Richard Marcus was on the racetrack. Early in one afternoon, he won. And he took the extra cash and headed to Las Vegas. Unfortunately, his luck did not follow him, though. By his first night’s end. His entire bankroll has disappeared. He’s been unemployed and working without cash for the next few months. He plans his revenge on the casinos. After that, he quickly became a blackjack casino and a baccarat dealer, so he got an insider look at how dealers affect the game. Therefore, he got tips and tricks from other dealers on how to swindle money.

Meeting Joe Classon

A man named Joe Classon appeared at Marcus’s baccarat seat. And, in cheating with him, Classon begged him to be his friend. In order to make his pit bosses think he was doing the right thing, Richard found a way to deliberately maneuver. After that, they earned cash from then on. He was also part of another bribery plan known as the late-betting strategy team of the Joe Classon group. His greatest trick was his best contribution to the squad. A mixed-up roulette strategy where, having known for sure that his bet was a winner, he would slip into a few extra value chips. Other teammates would block and distract the dealer. But, after twelve years with them, he divided paths with Classon’s team hoping to create his own team.

Creating a Team

After catching up, he met an old high school friend, Andy Balls, who went to business with him. After that, they hired their friend Pat Mallery to join the casino cash mission. In fact, during his time alone, he developed a new hacking strategy. Later, the team developed the Savanna Strategy techniques to avoid arrest. Wherein they’d pretend to pass out and slur their words in the casino.

Writing his Experiences

With his book released titled, American Roulette: How I turned the odds upside down, Richard shared his cheating experiences in casinos.

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