The Best Numbers to Bet on the Game of Roulette

Roulette Best Numbers

Roulette is one of the classic casino games that is a favorite of many players. The game has been predominantly one of the hotcakes of the online casino world. The term “Roulette” means small wheel and since it is a French word. The origin of the game is speculated to be France. To date, Roulette retains an unequivocal status. With the advent of better tech and high-end gaming technology, roulette can now be played through online casinos right from the comfort of the player’s house. It has also become virtually accessible to millions.

The game is pretty simple to understand and execute but one needs loads of practice and even better strategies and tactics to attain mastery for identifying the roulette best numbers. The dealer starts the game by spinning the wheel unidirectionally and simultaneously a small white ball is tossed in the opposite direction. The role of the player is to bet on the number over which the ball will land when the wheel stops spinning after losing the motion or momentum. Bets can even be placed on adjacent numbers. As one can decode, the game heavily relies on luck. This is the cause of a huge adrenaline rush among the players across the globe for this game.

Which are the Roulette Best Numbers for Betting?

Though it may seem that at the end of the day, it is only luck that can help a player win the game, it is also more strategized playing that helps a player more. There are no winning or losing numbers in the game of roulette. Each number on the Roulette table has equal potential to make a player win. Each spinning wheel grants the same potential to the numbers 1 to 37 to win the game. The only tip for amateur players is not to indulge with inside bets and to play safe with the outside bets till you get a fair idea of how to deal with the inside bets.

Let us now understand betting on different number categories.

Betting on the Hot Numbers

Hot Numbers is a special term used in Roulette for certain numbers that emerge as the lucky or winning numbers more than the others. This assumption or conclusion about the Hot numbers is based on their track records. The experts predict that these numbers are absolutely the best choice. If any player wants to keep on winning in the game. With the enhanced technology of the recently progressive online casino game providers, it has become even easier to bet on the hot numbers. The numbers 3,7 and 17 are the most prominently winning numbers. They have a history of appearing the maximum number of times in the winning game. Any number is traditionally tagged as a hot number if it appears more than 20 times in 300 roulette wheel spins.

Betting on Cold Numbers

Cold numbers as their very name indicates are the ones that are not called upon much, during the game. For example, 21 is a cold number in Roulette. With the Random Number Generator system, a time comes when all the hot numbers cease to be repeated and it is then the cold numbers come into play. The truth is, that the hot numbers will also get cold when they are repeated after a certain number of times. After the hot numbers are done with their quota of repetition, the cold numbers also become the hot numbers. This is attributed to the endless cycle of the game of Roulette.

Adjacent Numbers

Many players prefer not to bet on hot or cold numbers and instead bet on adjacent numbers. These numbers are adjacent to the hot or cold numbers and also have a great track record of winning.

Final Words

Luck and gaming strategy are indeed the major ruling and governing factors when it comes to Roulette. However, some numbers do have past records of being the most hit. It is also a basic math strategy that aids in understanding which numbers will have the best chances of winning in the table of Roulette. Numbers such as 7, 23, 17, and 24 are the roulette best numbers for spins. The numbers to be avoided are 3,6, 34, and 13 since these are the coldest. To enjoy the game of Roulette and ensure that you have the best and biggest wins. Always play with a reputed online casino. They offer the best and most secure gaming options.

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