The Frank Nagy Story: How An Atlantic City Person Won Over A Million Dollars In Poker

The Frank Nagy Story: How An Atlantic City Person Won Over A Million Dollars In Poker

The many gambling commissions across the world have one common sutra when they size up games. They make one key distinction: is it a game of luck or a game of skill? Casino games are notorious for being heavily about luck. You could make the case that there is poker. And when there is poker, there is WSOP, and then there are people like Chris Moneymaker who overnight became a millionaire from an ordinary cashier. Poker is actually one of the rare casino games with an extremely low house edge – perhaps even zero if you are good enough. What, then, are the high house edge games? Slots, for one. 

People occasionally hit jackpots on slots as well. So should we just secede control over our casino creds to just dumb luck? Like it or not, luck does reign supreme over casino fortunes. But people like Chris Moneymaker, Justin Bonomo, and most recently, Frank Nagy, keep proving that idea wrong. 

About Progressive Poker Games

This is as good a time as any to look at one of the most opportune poker options: a progressive jackpot poker. Of course, a jackpot is not unique to poker. Rather it is a reward system used by many casino amenities – especially slot games. So what is a jackpot? Basically, a casino needs to win more money than their customers to stay afloat. A casino that loses money is just a business in the red. So when you lose a hand of blackjack or play 8 spins of roulette just to lose it all, your wagers go directly in the casino’s pocket. In fact, casinos also take vig when you win, such as the bankers bet in baccarat. But with progressive jackpot, these wagers actually stay with the game. 

With the overflow from previous games, the money keeps accumulating until a lucky player wins it all. This is all in the context of slot games, of course. In poker, people can actually win the pot of an individual game, so how does it carry over. It is not quite the same formula as slot games, but the general principle of accumulative rewards still apply. The point here is that the potential winnings increase every time a hand of poker is played. Even if not as much as slot games, a progressive jackpot on a video poker game can actually balloon to huge numbers which you can win. Which is the case with Atlantic City poker veteran Frank Nagy. 

Frank Nagy entered the momentous progressive poker game on 20th February, 2021. It was a $5 ticket that was converted to $1.1 million over a few rounds of deft poker for the elderly gambler. Tropicana, a hotel in Atlantic city, was only glad to shell out the million-dollar reward to one of their oldest long-time customers. 

As the spokesperson for Caesars Entertainment told the press, this $1,105,757 pool was the largest jackpot in the history of the hotel and casino chain. The last time the jackpot had hit was more than a year ago, in august of 2019. To qualify for this progressive game,  one has to play at one of three casinos in Atlantic City – Tropicana, Caesars, or Harrah’s Resort, all under the parent company , Caesars Entertainment. Naturally, players rushed to the poker tables when Caesars announced this year that their jackpot had exceeded the million-dollar mark. The jackpot is also available for several video poker games as well. These are: Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Mississippi Stud Poker, Four Card Poker, Three Card Poker, and Let It Ride.

After winning the game on a warm Saturday afternoon, Mr. Nagy proceeded to tip the dealers $50,000. Whether or not this is a nod to the iconic ‘Casino Royale’ scene, the dealers must have appreciated it. What is more, this huge jackpot win also made headlines on several dailies. The pandemic has staggered many casinos, which with people also shifting to online alternatives on the side. This will definitely help the Tropicana casino bring back more customers. So it is a happy weekend for both the Monmouth County gambler and the Boardwalk hotel & casino.

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