The story of Ida Summers – The Vegas Vixen

Ida Summers

The intimate history of Ida Summers remains a mystery to those who are intrigued in her life. They spoke different theories or speculations about her biography, but no one knows the true story to the point of knowing it. Let’s learn more about her story today as one of the most popular casino cheaters ever produced in Las Vegas.

Ida Summers Story

She is the Vegas Vixen, Ida Summers. The only woman who was bold enough to gamble at the casinos. One of Las Vegas’s powerful casino cheats has ever been found. She’s one of the most successful cheaters in history, and she lied without anyone’s help. Her story begins in the late fifties when she was a dealer in a small casino at a blackjack game. Besides sitting almost every night at a table, she ‘d do her job first and get some cash. While she’s secretly practicing a very special hand slide known as “hand mucking.”

Her beautiful appearance and skills were used by herself, Ida Summers, to pull off those clever card flips to haunt the casinos. At that time, most casino cheats engaged females as diversions. But Ida Summers are special. Not only did she get the attention of the pit bosses, but she also pulled out the cheating movements right in front of them with no notice at all. Ida Summer was remarkably included in the top 10 list of casino cheaters of ListVerse. The only woman to be on the list.

Cheating Techniques

Ida Summers uses hand-mucking blackjack techniques. This is a relatively simple, but not at all easy, type of cheating. During the game, the cheat, in this case, Summers, will take some cards off the table without being noticed. It then transfers a card to the table at the right moment to help the cheat make a winning hand. It’s not easy to do this without attracting attention, but Summers pulled it off. She began taking her own chips, and then she snapped off when she handed away a bad poker deck.

She didn’t stop there, either, and went to use another more difficult method. This requires the card deck to be swapped for replacement. Cards are known as a cold deck or cooler on a substitute deck. It would have been pre-arranged to make sure that she would win. However, it was uncertain whether she had accomplices playing at the table to maximize the advantage. The deck wasn’t rearranged to win every hand because it would be obvious to cheat.

Getting Caught, Arrested and Life After

Gaming representatives would meet regularly in Las Vegas to discuss future threats to their businesses. Several representatives from different casinos referred to the beautiful lady they met, who had earned enormous amounts of cash at the casino tables. They found that they were referring to the same person while explaining their presence. Realized that she could steal in some way, and they started to create a plot to torment her.

Casinos approached the FBI and asked for help. They thought she was cheating on the game, but without sufficient proof. All the claims are going to be wrong. Ida Summers played again at a casino, caught in the video of her acts. The gaming commission and the FBI, therefore, had the proof they needed. Summers have been arrested and taken into custody.

Although he was charged with cheating. She never had to serve the prison for her actions. Instead, she had been charged with probation for one year. As a result, individuals speculate that she used her charm and beauty to attract the judge. It was over after her probation. Officials at the casino started looking for her. But the summers were never seen again in Las Vegas.

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