The Top Six Tips For Playing Sic-Bo

The Top Six Tips For Playing Sic-Bo

In its earliest days, Sic-bo became popular in pre-medieval China. Back then, organizing a gambling house was a much more difficult affair. Understandably, the rules of sic-bo are very simple. Nearly everything you know about it will be right there on the sic-bo table. In a game of sic-bo, the dealer rolls the dice and you bet on what numbers they will roll. In craps, you can throw the dice yourself, but there are no such provisions here. So your sic-bo strategies will mostly revolve around the chances an average RTP stats of different wagers. Here are some tips to utilize the highest value bets and somewhat improve your odds.

There Are No ‘Hot Streaks’

‘Hot hands’ are a notion many people hold on to in gambling. But just like a slot machine, the whole point of sic-bo is that you cannot predict a dice roll accurately. The idea of streaks actually comes from a human sense of parity. If you bet money and lose four times in a row, you almost feel entitled to a win on the fifth attempt. But if a dice rolls smalls many times in a row, that does not guarantee that it will stick to that trend, neither does it give you any incentive to bet on smalls over big. That is because both the payout and the chances of a certain outcome remains the same on every roll.

There Are No ‘Cold Streaks’ Either

On the contrary, there is no ‘bad spell’ of luck. Your luck does not permeate across several rounds. Every new roll of the dice is a separate and new chance for you to win (as well as lose). 

Know When To Cut Your Losses

From the previous point, it follows that a gambler feels the need to win their due. But sadly, there is no ‘due’ in Sic-bo. To reiterate our point: your loss in a previous attempt does not affect your chances of winning on the next attempt. Consider the house edge in the game of Sic-bo. At its lowest, the house has a 2.78% house edge on both smalls and bigs. That means the house, on average, wins that much more than the player. 

But doesn’t that give you roughly a 48% chance of winning? That is technically correct, so you should win 48% of all hands. But that is over a very large number of rounds. It does not guarantee 48 wins in your next 100 matches. The issue is that your bankroll is not infinite. Moreover, even if it was, you would have a -2.78 expected value, i.e. a net loss. So the main takeaway here is to be sensible to your bankroll management. Betting confidently is one thing, but bankrupting yourself is completely another. 

Consider The Expected Value of The Bets

There are numerous different bets you can make in Sic-bo, and all of them have different house edges. Some of them have extremely rare chances of success for you, but very high odds to match it. The opposite is also true. Now, you may look at an ‘Alls’ or ‘Triples’ bet, see the 180 to 1 odds and feel that it is worth an attempt. But contrary to what many of us would feel about it, triples have a 16.85% house edge. That is one of the highest house edges in the game, second only to the ‘specific doubles’ bet. 

Knowing the house edge, therefore, will help you actually find its expected value. In only blackjack, you will not have to memorize it, either. There are charts and other infographic resources available for free on the internet. Long story short, the smalls, bigs, odds, and evens have the lowest house edge. 

Develop A Strategy

As we discussed in the previous point, if you want to go for a low-risk approach, the best bets are Evens, Odds, Smalls, and Bigs. All of them have equal probabilities and odds, so it does not matter which one you choose out of the four. But the more important part is bankroll management. Here is where most of your personal strategic choices will come into play. There are many different bankroll management schemes you can follow. As for our recommendation, we would suggest a 1-3-2-4 system. Your first bet should be multiples of 1, e.g. 100 INR. Should you win the bet and choose to continue, your next bet should be 300 INR. Further victories should mean you wager 200 and 400 INR after that respectively. If you lose at any point, however, you revert back to 100 INR. If your bankroll is not near depletion, that is. 

Stick To Said Strategy

Many people follow a bankroll management scheme but then stray from it when it does not work out in the short term. Remember that this is a game of mathematics, and nearly all the popular ones are good. But you must adhere to them through thick and thin for them to work their math out. 

But ultimately, you should always remember that Sic-bo is a game of luck above all else. With some basic strategy, you can only marginally improve your odds. But wins are not guaranteed, so you should take it lightly when it does not go your way. After all, it is a game meant to be enjoyed. We ought to take it in that spirit.

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