The Ultimate Guide to Dragon Tiger

The Ultimate Guide to Dragon Tiger

The Game

Dragon Tiger is an Asian casino game that was first released in Cambodia.  From then on it gradually grew popularity in Asian countries. This game then began to appeal from its Asian roots into the various parts of the world because of its simplicity, pace, and odds. Therefore, many have liked this game completely. Added the availability in online platforms has made it possible for players from the entire world to enjoy this game even more.

Basic Game Rules

Dragon Tiger is extremely easy and simple to play. The main objective of the game is to correctly choose which hand will receive the highest card, whether a dragon or a tiger. There are two cards dealt, one to the betting position of the dragon and one to the betting position of the tiger. In this game, there are no jokers or wild cards available. A dealer plays the cards through a blackjack shoe made up of 6 to 8 regular 52 card decks. To conclude, the percentage return to player (RTP) for dragon/tiger bet is 96.27%. While for the tie bet is 82.17% and the side bets are 92.31%.

How to Play Dragon Tiger

One of the simplest casino games to play is Dragon Tiger. This starts when the cards are dealt from a standard deck of cards. The game has two basic moves. A player can bet on either of the two sides-Dragon or Tiger. The player needed to pick which side to bet on and place the wager. There’s also a tie bet which requires a player to wage in scenarios of the two cards revealed the same value. The hand that receives the highest cards wins. However, tie bets offer a huge 32.7% advantage to the casino, so this bet should be avoided.

The game rules also allow players to place side bets including big/small bets, odd/even bets and suit bets. For instance, big and a small bet can be made with this game and players bet on whether the Dragon or Tiger position will be big/over 7 or small/less than 7. The bet will lose if every outcome is 7.

Main Bet Types

Hand Bet – This is the basic bet put in the game where either player simply bet on a hand either dragon or tiger.

Tie Bet – This is the bet if both hands are thought to have the same value. Or whether the cards will have the same value. In which only wins if a round ends a tie.

Side Bets

Small or Big Bets – Big bets card values are over 7 and small bets card values under 7. You lose the bet if the result is 7.

Suit Bet – A player can also bet on a particular suit that may be drawn for a hand. The player can bet on any four suits – club, spade, heart, and diamond. If the card is a seven the player loses the bet.

Odd/Even Bets- Player bet on dragon or tiger with an even or odd number value. You lose the bet if the result is 7.

Payout Ratio

The payout ratio for the dragon/tiger bet is 1:1. While the payout ratio for Tie bet is 10:1. Lastly, the side bets payout ratio is 1:1.


On the basis of its main mechanics and special features, Dragon Tiger is one of the absolute best. The game takes minutes to learn, while its player interface is user-friendly and designed to give the player valuable insights into trends in the game and payout ratio.

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