Tips and Tricks to Win in Extreme Texas Hold’em

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The Game

A variant of the classic Five Card Poker, Extreme Texas Hold’em intensifies the game by enabling players to play against the dealer rather than other players. Loosely patterned on the typical Texas Hold’em, the dealer in this online poker game distributes two initial cards and then five community cards. The player who makes the best five card poker hand wins. The dealer uses one deck of the normal 52-card playing cards that are shuffled before every game.

Evolution Gaming

Extreme Texas Hold’em comes from the gaming giant Evolution Gaming. The gaming provider acclaims on working with more top-notch gaming operators than its contemporaries. Evolution Gaming started in 2006 as a modest gaming provider in Europe. Since then, it has signed with key operators in the market such as Party Gamin, Sporting Bet, Gala Coral, and Unibet among others. In addition, it has invested world-class production, which includes land-based casino equipment, TV production studios, and gaming production.

One of the most awarded gaming providers in the industry, Evolution Gaming has received prestigious awards from leading gaming bodies in the sector. These include an impressive six-consecutive EGR Live Casino Supplier of the Year from 2010 to 2015.

Tips and Tricks

There are two different side bets along with the main hand available for players—the Bonus and the Jumbo 7 Jackpot. The Bonus equals aces or a better side bet, while the Jumbo 7 Jackpot makes for a progressive jackpot. The main hand called the ante also makes the initial bet to start the game.

A part of each bet adds to the overall jackpot and only active players enjoy the payout whenever it hits. Thus, a network jackpot advances the pot.

There are no limits to players when one hand is dealt. However, it is only after a hand wins that the number of players in the lobby is revealed.

On the initial deal, after all the players have placed their bets, the live dealer deals two cards face up to the player’s position, two cards face down to the dealer’s position and three community cards face up called the flop. The first player chooses either to play the hand by placing a call bet. If one does not bet in the time allocated, the hand is automatically folded.

When the hand is folded, the Bonus and the Jackpot bets remain in the game and pay out only when the hand wins. The dealer deals the two left community cards called the Turn and the River and then reveals his two cards. After, the showdown happens where the player with the better hand wins.


Ante Bet Payout happens when the dealer does not qualify or when the dealer qualifies but a player beats his hand. In theory, Ante Bet payouts as much as 97.84%.

Bonus Bet Payout is calculated on the value of the first five cards and must equal to a pair of aces or more. In theory, Bonus Bet payouts as much as 93.74%.

Last, Jumbo 7 Jackpot Payout results to all players winning a share for the top hand and direct payouts to each player for the lesser prize. In theory, Jumbo 7 Jackpot payouts as much as 81.64%

Last, Jumbo 7 Jackpot Payout results to all players winning a share for the top hand and direct payouts to each player for the lesser prize. In theory, Jumbo 7 Jackpot payouts as much as 81.64%

Player Benefits

Evolution Gaming proves that a classic online poker game when carefully innovated gives more to players both old and new. Among the key benefits of the game includes exciting tips bonuses bets where players may win even if they lose to the dealer, availability on mobile devices, a maximum payment ratio of 500:1, allowance to increase the ante bet, and a high-quality live stream option.


Texas Hold’em, as one of the famous poker variants in the market, gets a real-life boost through Evolution Gaming’s Extreme Texas Hold’em. EVO’s additional features which allows players to win even their hand is weaker than the dealer’s, makes for a much conducive game for everyone. Ergo, almost everything is a win-win situation. Moreover, the ability to raise the ante post betting gives more winning chances to players. With all these features and bonuses, Extreme Texas Hold’em is more than worth the try.

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