What Is The Difference Between Video Poker And Table Poker?

What Is The Difference Between Video Poker And Table Poker?

Poker is the single most popular card game in the world, played in homes, poker parlours, and casinos. The origin of poker is traceable back to the early 19th century, and since then, many forms of the game have evolved. With the development of online gambling, many top online casinos are offering poker. Whether you are experienced in poker, or are new to the card game, there is a version of poker that is just right for you. 

In online casinos, the most popular forms of online poker are video poker and table poker. Although both are formats of the original poker game, there are significant differences. Understanding the games and their differences can help you choose which poker version is the best for you. 

Video Poker 

Video poker was first introduced in land based casinos in the 1980s. Slowly, it grew in popularity, later on becoming available in online casinos as well. The game retains an essence of poker, but the interface used resembles a slot machine. In video poker, you play a game of poker against the machine, without the need of other players or any dealer. While the machine may resemble slots, the video poker involves skills and strategies. This sets it apart from simple slot games of chance. 

In video poker, the goal is to make the best hand possible. The machine, acting as a dealer, gives you 5 cards, based on a random number generator software. You then have to choose cards to win a poker hand, by drawing, selecting, and discarding. Based on your hand, the game outcome is determined and you get a payout as listed on the paytable. There are numerous variations of video poker available. You can try out different themes, wild cards, and number of cards drawn. Also, some video poker games may also offer a progressive jackpot option. 

Compared to other forms of poker, video poker is straightforward and easy for beginners, although there is some skill involved. Since it is a single person game, it is a great way to learn the strategies and concepts of poker.

Table Poker

Poker has been available online since the 1990s and is an online replica of the favourite table game. Over the years, online poker has become available in multiple variations with real money bets. These days, you can easily find a fun online poker game that is within your budget, and ready to play when you are. Similar to real-life poker games, there are anywhere from 6 to 9 or even 10 players and a dealer. All you need to do to start a game is to join a poker table. 

Depending on the specific version of poker, you will be dealt anywhere between 3 to 7 cards, with some being face down or hole and others visible. The game then begins, with an objective of having the best hand amongst all the players. You can choose any of the standard poker moves at this point from check and bet to call, fold or raise. At the final round, when everyone shows their cards, the player with the best hand wins the game and the pool of money as well. 

Table poker is challenging and exciting and can also be lucrative. Online poker makes the games faster and more accessible, especially if you are not located close to casinos or other poker players. Games are available at a variety of price points, and even for free so you can join any table that suits you. Since the games are online, there is no need to worry about maintaining a ‘poker face’. 

How To Choose?

There are a few factors that you should consider when deciding on which format of online poker to play. FIrst of all, do you want to play solo or against other players? Do you want a quick game or a longer one? Also, how much experience do you have? It is important to choose a game that you are drawn to, so that even if you do not win money, you still enjoy the game itself. 

The availability of online casinos has made a major impact on the gambling tendencies of people worldwide. Now, it is easier than ever to play poker without having to travel to a casino, or waiting for other players. Regardless if you are a fan of video poker, table poker, or live casino poker, there is a perfect site and poker variation waiting for you. Explore the world of online poker and enjoy!  

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