Why You Should First Play Baccarat For Free?

Why You Should First Play Baccarat For Free?

There are potentially an endless number of games that can be played with a deck of cards. Some of them are somewhat demanding in terms of skill, such as poker. However, the large majority of them combine pure luck with some mixture of skillful plays a gambler could learn to pull off. When you consider the whole spectrum, baccarat falls upon the easier end. Sure, slots are clearly the easiest thing to pick up and play in a casino. But for the next best thing to a beginner, baccarat is a strong contender. Baccarat is a game where you can just jump in and place your bets if you just know the simple rule of getting to 8 or 9.  Even so, there is indeed some strategy involved in baccarat. 

Unlike the average slot game, you cannot just hope for the results to get better if you keep betting on the same side. So here are some general beginner tips for baccarat, as well as why you should play it for free first.

How is Baccarat Played?

To learn the ins and outs of baccarat, it could be worthwhile to summarize the rules of the game again. Baccarat is a contest between the ‘banker’ and the ‘player’. One can either be the player, be a third-party bettor betting on either. The house deals two cards to both the banker and the dealer. If either gets a sum of card value that is higher than 7, they win the bet. If the player gets 6 or 7, he stands at that But a score under 6 means the player gets a third card. The banker receives a third card on 2 and 3-7 hand value, if the player’s current hand value is either equal or one point lower than the banker. 

The pay table rules vary from one casino to another. Moreover, there are different variations of Baccarat. Most casinos play with punto banco, but it is best that you gloss over the rules before playing. 

The Need For A Trial Run

So then, where is the strategy? Baccarat seems to come down to either placing a bet on the banker or the player. Now, if you run the math, you will see that player and banker are not exactly on equal footing.

With only two or three movements, the gameplay in a round of baccarat is very fast and simple. So it all boils down to who gets the better game control. And how do you gain game control in baccarat? By having more information. In baccarat, the banker has the obvious upper hand there because he always acts after the player has played his hand. Moreover, the rules in most cases allow greater leniency towards the banker. Naturally, the statistical edge also falls upon the banker. 

Because of this, every baccarat strategy guide you see will have dedicated pages and chapters towards betting on the banker. One cannot argue against or trump this motion, because it is a correct way to play both mathematically and in practice. However, correct does not necessarily mean profitable. Of course, the casino realizes this edge on the banker, so most of them will rearrange their pay table to allow them a greater profit. So how much exactly you can profit from betting on the banker varies from one casino to another. There are also different layers to this. Many casinos have different house rules that make them good for one kind of general baccarat strategy – the Martingale method, the Fibonacci, the Paroli, and so on. So it is best you get to mix and match before you understand the optimal way to profit. 

But to go through trial and error on a real casino table would take you several rounds where you are risking your money just to learn. Some would call this an investment that will pay off later. But actually, most online casinos have a foolproof and free method to try out your baccarat math beforehand. In fact, this is exactly why free baccarat modes exist – since clearly there is no ‘practice’ as such. That is strictly for games like poker. 

So how do you get to play baccarat for free to do your experiments and troubleshooting? There exist several free baccarat apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. In fact, a lot of free online baccarat rounds are run on HTML5, which makes them accessible from about any computer. However, the best practice grounds are provisional free modes and free rounds that a few online casinos offer.

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