Women and Poker – How is Poker Giving Women a Career Boost?

Women and Poker - How is Poker Giving Women a Career Boost?

Throughout history, we have seen that women were always denied the chances that men had in life. This is most prominent in the work field. Not only is there a wage gap between men and women in most countries, but women are also denied the chance to pursue careers in a lot of places. Thankfully, things are changing. Women are pursuing traditionally male-dominated work fields and doing wonders. But if we take a look at the statistics, women are still much less likely to become CEOs than men. Men also still dominate the business world. 

One of the ways to change this dynamic is surprising, poker. Poker is a game of skills and it takes a lot of analytical prowess to master the game. In some ways, it is very similar to being in business. No more than 10% of the world’s poker players are women. But it helps people develop critical thinking skills that will help them in their careers. Here is why women are turning to poker for a career boost. 

• Poker Improves Decision Making 

Poker is a game that tests both patience and discipline. Much like in business, it is no good when you lose your logical side in poker. That is why poker is a great way for women to enhance not only their logical thinking but also enhances the patience they need to be a woman in business. Timing is also common between poker and business. All of this helps women develop the skill to think on their feet all the time. 

• Poker Enhances Confidence 

To be a woman in the business world means you need a tremendous amount of confidence. A lot of women say that they have trouble speaking in meetings or are often looked over when they try to speak. This is very often the case while playing poker as well. Since poker is a game of psychology as well as skills, it takes courage to speak up at poker tables. By practicing poker regularly, women are more likely to develop the confidence they need to be successful in their careers. 

• Poker Helps Develop Critical Thinking 

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Poker, as you all know, is a game of skill, timing, and psychoanalysis. All of which are also crucial when it comes to business and marketing. By playing poker regularly, your brain becomes significantly sharper and you can think quickly as well. Being good at poker takes a lot of critical thinking and so it is one of the best ways for women in business to move forward in their careers. 

• Poker Will Help You Network Better 

If you know anything about the business world, you will know that one of the best ways to be successful in it is to network with a lot of people. But studies show that women are less likely to have good connections than men. But when you are playing poker, especially in a club or group setting, even if it is online, it boosts your confidence. Having talked with more people will help you get rid of the uneasiness that comes with meeting new people. Poker is an amazing way to learn networking. It is a game that you have to play with other people. So in itself, it’s social. So it helps you get over social anxiety and awkwardness better than most other hobbies. 

• Poker Develops Risk Management Skills 

Much like any other casino game, poker comes with a lot of risks. How much you bet and how you deal with a bad hand is all determined by how well you can manage stress and take calculated risks. So along with confidence, it also helps in developing risk management skills that might not have been your strong suit before. The world of business has a lot of risks, but poker will help you keep calm under pressure. You will also be able to determine how much risk you can take pretty easily. It is one of the best outcomes of learning poker when you are a woman in business. 


As we can see, poker is one of the best ways to come out of your shell and be assertive in your business career. This is why a lot of women are choosing poker to improve their confidence and take their decision-making abilities to another level. If you are also a woman in business or any other career where you need to always be quick-witted and assertive, we suggest you try playing some poker to advance your career.

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