Your Online Guide to Atlantic City Blackjack

Your Online Guide to Atlantic City Blackjack

Las Vegas may be the most famous casino center not only in the United States but in the entire world. This sometimes overshadows the fact that there are other casino valleys in the United States worthy of note. One of them is Atlantic City, which we have discussed in our other articles before. The city trails Las Vegas in the casino industry and was once the second largest in the world—surpassed now by emerging online markets outside North America including East and South East Asia. The brand that the name has evokes a casino experience that offers lower-stakes and no-frills approach specially on games such as blackjack.

Game Provider

A true pioneer in the industry, Microgaming started the world’s first true online casino software in 1994 and the first mobile casino software in 2004. The company boasts the largest progressive jackpot in the world with over €1 billion pay outs to date. It even holds the Guinness World Records for “the Largest jackpot pay out in an online slot machine game” in 2015. But what made them unique is their holistic approach and professional care between their operators, players, and professional partners.

Microgaming’s approach to the namesake blackjack game hover not far from this description. Atlantic City Blackjack is a standard, classic version of the famous casino table game. All the rules are patterned from the conventional blackjack, which makes it easier for brick-and-mortar players to transition to online casino gaming.

Basic Rules

Dealt from eight decks of standard playing cards, this online blackjack game can accommodate two to seven players. At the start, each player bets and receives two-card face up hands. The dealer likewise receives a hand with a single face-up card and a single face-down card known as the hole card.

Every card corresponds for a specific value. All numbered cards are valued according to their printed number, and face cards are valued at ten. Aces may be eleven points or one, depending whether it benefits the hand.

The players main aim is to beat the dealer by scoring a larger hand, a number closer to twenty-one without going over. A blackjack is the best starting hand and comprised by an ace along with any ten-point card. Also called a “natural 21”, this pay outs at three-two odds, unless the dealer has the same which calls for a two-hand push.

Start of the Hand

When the hand starts, if the dealer has an ace or a ten-point card, the dealer will check if they have a blackjack. When they have an ace, they will ask the players to buy insurance. This wager’s value equals half of the player’s initial bet and it pays out at two-one when the dealer reveals a ten-point card. When that happens, the player loses their hand bet but wins the insurance. This results in a break even for the hand. An offer called “even money” is put on the table when made to players with a blackjack—so called because the player will make the same amount of money whether the dealer has a blackjack and their same initial bet.

Solid Odds

Players searching for a table game that has solid odds need not look further. Atlantic City Blackjack, when played with an excellent strategy, features an almost equal footing between the house and the players. While the house keeps a slight edge, a tactical play lowers it to 0.35% which is a statistical favor nowhere found in other live or online table games.

This is due on the rules are in play including an eight-deck shoe, dealer stand on soft 17, double on any total, split up to four hands, split aces receive one card without re-splits, double splitting allowance, and the late surrender allowance.

A Game Worth Fighting For

This online blackjack may be the perfect game for you. From a casual player, you can achieve greater winning possibilities with practice, enough training, and proper betting choices. A game not just for casual players but for serious casino players wishing for a greater glory in proper casino gaming. Atlantic City Blackjack is not only enjoyable and profitable; It is a true classic, a golden standard online casino offering.

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