CONMEBOL Copa America Highlights: Scoreboard and Memorable Moments

Copa match result from yesterday: Scoreboard and Memorable Moments

Yesterday Copa match result- United States of America vs Uruguay

  • Final Score: USA 0 – 1 Uruguay
  • Goal:
    • Matias Olivera (Uruguay): Controversial goal in the 66th minute
  • Player of the Match:
    • Matias Olivera (Uruguay)
  • Location:
    • Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Key moments

  • The match was physical and roller-coaster, because of the inexperienced referee Kevin Ortega making questionable decisions.
  • Despite the controversy, Uruguay secures a 1-0 win, eliminating the United States from the competition.
  • Panama’s win over Bolivia further contributes to the USMNT’s group stage exit.
Match StatisticUSAURU
Shots on Goal35
Shot Attempts812
Yellow Cards21
Red Cards00
Corner Kicks23
USA vs Uruguay

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Yesterday Copa match result- Bolivia vs. Panama

  • Final Score: Bolivia 1 – 3 Panama
  • Goals:
    • Bolivia: Bruno Miranda (69’)
    • Panama: José Fajardo (22’), Eduardo Guerrero (79’), César Yanis (90’+1’)
  • Assists:
    • No specific assists mentioned for Bolivia
    • No specific assists mentioned for Panama
  • Player of the Match:
    • José Fajardo (Panama)
  • Location:
    • Inter&Co Stadium, Orlando, Florida, USA

Key Moments:

  • Bruno Miranda’s goal temporarily tied the score for Bolivia.
  • Eduardo Guerrero’s goal put Panama back in position to advance.
  • César Yanis seals the victory for Panama in stoppage time.
Match StatisticBOLPAN
Shots on Goal46
Shot Attempts713
Yellow Cards21
Red Cards00
Corner Kicks21
Bolivia vs. Panama

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Yesterday Copa match result- Costa Rica vs Paraguay

  • Goals:
    • Costa Rica:
      • Francisco Calvo (3’)
      • Josimar Alcócer (7’)
    • Paraguay:
      • Ramón Sosa (55’)
  • Player of the Match:
    • Josimar Alcócer (Costa Rica)
  • Location:
    • Q2 Stadium, Austin, Texas, USA

Key Moments

  • Costa Rica takes an early lead with goals from Calvo and Alcócer.
  • Paraguay fights back with Sosa’s goal but couldn’t equalize.
  • Despite the win, Costa Rica finishes third in their group. However, they will miss the quarterfinals due to Brazil’s draw with Colombia.
Match StatisticCRCPAR
Shots on Goal26
Shot Attempts217
Yellow Cards33
Red Cards00
Corner Kicks16
Costa Rica vs Paraguay

Yesterday Copa match result- Brazil vs Colombia

  • Goals:
    • Brazil:
      • Raphinha (Brazil) scored early to give Brazil the lead.
    • Colombia:
      • Duván Zapata (Colombia) equalized for Colombia.
  • Player of the Match:
    • Duván Zapata (Colombia) made a significant impact with his goal.
  • Location:
    • Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California, USA

Key Moments:

  • Raphinha’s moment of brilliance gives Brazil an early lead.
  • Colombia’s speed and risks going forward, leading to Duván Zapata’s equalizer.
  • Despite the draw, Colombia advances as the group winner. While Brazil secures spot in the quarter-finals.
Match StatisticBRACOL
Shots on Goal36
Shot Attempts713
Yellow Cards32
Red Cards00
Corner Kicks75
Brazil vs Colombia

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