What is the latest news on IPL 2024?

What is the latest news on IPL 2024?

The opening of the Indian Premier League will begin in several days from now. IPL fans and followers could not contain their excitement and joy as the upcoming IPL 2024 season approaches on March 22, 2024. With all the preparations leading up to the event, there has been intriguing IPL news that caught our attention. Before its 17th season began, there were recent developments or reports about IPL that came our way.

We know we have not shared yet any IPL news about its 2024 season. In today’s posting, we would like to share some recent news about IPL 2024. Therefore, let us all dive into this subject and be informed about its latest happenings.

IPL 2024 News: What You Should Know

Matthew Wade Will Fail to Play for the First Two Matches of the Gujarat Titans

Matthew Wade will not play at the start of IPL 2024 for the Gujarat Titans. Therefore, meanwhile, he will miss the first two IPL 2024 matches to focus on competing in Tasmania’s Sheffield Shield final from Match 21 – 25, 2024. It would imply that Wade, the Gujarat Titans’ wicketkeeper batter, will fail to participate in his team’s match against the Mumbai Indians this coming March 25. Apparently, in the second match against the Chennai Super Kings on March 27, Wade might not be possible again for him to play due to the tight schedule.

For Gujarat Titans, in these circumstances, Wade will lose a great contribution to the team’s performance in IPL 2024. However, we should not be disheartened, Wade has a higher chance to be available to play for Titan’s third match against Sunrisers Hyderabad on March 31. Allowing Wade to display his cricket playing skills that can contribute to the Gujarat Titans’ success in this IPL season.

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Dinesh Karthik Will Retire After IPL 2024

Dinesh Karthik is one of the most skilled wicket-keeper batters in IPL history. The 38-year-old IPL player who is under the Royal Challengers Bangalore has played in all 16 seasons of IPL since 2008 and is now already set for retirement after the IPL 2024. Furthermore, He plans to announce afterward his international departure once this coming IPL season has ended. This heartbreaking news will be a farewell announcement to one of the most seasoned players in the IPL event.

Karthik, who began his IPL career with the Delhi Capitals, will forever remain one of the players who has always appeared in every season of the IPL since the tournament’s inception in the year of 2008. Despite leaving us with a goodbye, this experienced player in IPL has already found a second profession aside from playing cricket in tournaments. Today, he found his new path in broadcasting, working as a commentator for the World Test Championship. Moving forward, this made him a well-known broadcaster presenting commentary in sports-related events in India today.

Will Virat Kohli Skip Playing in the Coming IPL 2024?

Now that the IPL First Match is all set for March 22 in Chennai between Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. There have been speculations about whether Virat Kohli will be returning to the said match of the IPL 17th edition. However, despite the ongoing rumors of Kohli’s return to cricket playing. This well-known cricket player has faced time off from the Indian Test Squad for the England series due to personal and family reasons. In reply to the assumptions about Virat Kohli’s true comeback, AB de Villiers made some statements online.

He hinted about Kohli wanting his existence in IPL, expressing the thought of joining the team for support. However, Kohli’s return is not fully confirmed at any given time. The decision is up to the team management led by Royal Challengers Bangalore captain and head coach. However, former Indian cricketer, Gavaskar has told us that Virat Kohli may not play in the IPL 2024. Leaving us the uncertainty of whether Virat Kohli will take part in the coming IPL season. This news has brought speculations online and is one of the narratives surrounding IPL today.

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Mumbai Indians Have Released a New Jersey for IPL 2024 Edition

Mumbai Indians Team of IPL has launched a new jersey for the upcoming IPL 2024. It is under the collaboration of Skechers and the said IPL Team. The jersey was designed by one and only Monisha Jaising and it turns out to be crafted impeccably. The concept of their brand-new jersey focused on royal blue and gold shades that aligned with Mumbai Indians’ spirit and representation. As a matter of fact, the jersey signifies a strong connection between the Mumbai Indians Team and its loyal supporters.

That only means the jersey symbolizes pride and honor for all who wear it and displays loyalty and love for the Mumbai Indians. The jersey is a perfect illustration of the Mumbai Indians’ undying spirit, hard work, and endless energy of the said team for cricket sport. The Mumbai Indians’ new jersey tells us their hope and dreams for the team’s success in the upcoming IPL 2024. The Mumbai Indians’ new jersey is not only a shirt with colors, but it does also have significant meaning to tell us. No doubt this new jersey is one of the highlights of the Mumbai Indians latest happening before the upcoming IPL on March 22 this year.


There has been much latest news that surrounds the upcoming IPL this March of 2024. For others, they find it interesting to know such news and updates. However, with so many new happenings, we must focus on those that show relevance for IPL. In the above news that we shared; those details we present have significant contributions to IPL’s latest happenings that are intriguing to know. Hopefully, you get updated on IPL this year by reading some of our pointers about it.

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