Yesterdays match highlights: KKR’s Commanding Victory Over LSG

KKR Dominates LSG: Yesterday's Match Highlights

The Kolkata Knight Riders scored 235 runs and easily defeated the Lucknow SuperGiants. KKR’s opener who scored over 400 runs with an unbelievable strike rate of 180 or more was an advantage. Here are some highlights from IPL match yesterday.

Splendid opening pair

It is not unexpected that Kolkata Knight Riders are currently leading the points table.Their overall net run rate is significantly higher than the next best side.

Narine and Salt have established tremendous momentum. They were ruthlessly defending against diverse attacks in varied settings.

They were determined to smash LSG’s formidable bowling unit on Sunday in Lucknow, Ekana Stadium. As a result, they tied the season high for most opening pairs with six fifty-plus stands in eleven games. And you bet it was the highlight of yesterdays match.

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After the game, skipper Shreyas Iyer was understandably impressed by the opening pair.

Their shot-making has been really delightful, and they have been fantastic for us. Regardless of the circumstances, we are playing with an optimistic attitude, since they are preparing us and giving us momentum,” Iyer stated at the presentation ceremony that followed the match.

When bowlers face a left-right combination, it forces them to adjust their strategies, which impacts the game. The ability to freely express oneself is the most important aspect. We strive to maintain an optimistic outlook no matter what; sometimes our plans fall through, but other times they do.

Shreyas Iyer

The Knight Riders’ campaign has been somewhat unpredictable thus far. Despite a strong start to the season, they went on a losing streak of three games. Losing in a nail-biter against Rajasthan Royals and in the highest Twenty20 chase to Punjab Kings. 

In spite of everything, KKR’s style of play has been commendable. They’re currently riding a three-match winning streak to reclaim their playoff spot. Plus, perhaps finish in the top two. 

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Iyer reiterated the significant changes in his side’s campaign momentum.

“The last six matches in the dressing room there has been havoc, teammates are coming in and asking skip what’s happening! We are losing tosses, but we are winning games… that’s what matters.”


IPL match highlights from yesterday: Sunil Narine has been the unshakable anchor of KKR’s supremacy.

With almost 450 runs at a strike-rate of 180+, the West Indian is currently in third place in the Orange Cap race. KKR’s x-factor has been his incredible consistency, especially when you consider his normally good ball-control abilities.

Opening batsmen Narine and Salt put Lucknow’s bowling team through its paces, leaving KL Rahul’s men flat-footed. LSG’s bowling unit has a history of containing opposing batters. 

The hosts had a tough time limiting their opponents’ runs, and they were eventually outbowled by KKR.

Even if scoreboard pressure is helpful, the Knight Riders bowlers also carried out their strategies far better. Which was the main difference between the two teams, according to Harshit Rana, on a marginally better Lucknow pitch. The consistency was the biggest highlight of yesterday’s match.

“You obviously have to play good cricket (to win by a huge margin). I think we read the pitch better, what lengths to bowl and what plans to follow. So we benefited due to that.”

said Rana at the post-match press conference.

KKR top the table following the Narine-led win over LSG.

Poor performance overall

Sunil Narine and Phil Salt helped KKR start strong again, scoring 70 in the powerplay for the sixth time in 11 games this season. Rahul said KKR’s openers “put a lot of pressure” on his “young bowlers”.

“We’ve watched their batting. They pressured the opposition, and our inexperienced bowlers couldn’t handle it “said. “Narine hit some great shots, and that’s how the IPL works: you play against great players and your character is tested. Today, I think we fell short. 

“Once we come here [to Lucknow], it’s about execution, and we went wrong on that part. Bowlers tried their best. But the sooner you learn, the better it is for our team. We’ve made a couple of mistakes when we’ve come up against batters like Sunil or anyone who is powerful, and is striking over 200 or 250. Someone with that kind of intimidation has put a bit of pressure on our bowlers.”


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More on IPL match highlights from yesterday.

With Rahul and Marcus Stoinis both set, LSG’s score reached 70 for 1 in the eighth over of the chase. An LSG slip, however, started after the necessary run rate had already risen above 13 runs per over. 

They were down for 67 runs in under nine overs and were eventually bowled out for 137 runs with about four overs remaining. 

Although Rahul acknowledged that the field was in perfect condition, he speculated that LSG were derailers due to pressure from the scoreboard.

The wicket was really good. It felt like a pretty true wicket,” he said. “There was a bit of bounce if you bowled hard lengths and back of a length. But nothing out of the ordinary; or it didn’t seem like a pitch that was bad.

“I think 235 was probably 20 or 30 runs above par. Our batting performance was really poor. But when you’re chasing such a big score under pressure, it’s always hard.”


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