Zimbabwe vs India in T20I Series, scoreboard, match highlights

Zimbabwe Stuns India in Thrilling T20 Clash at Harare

Here are the scoreboard and match highlights for first and second, Zimbabwe vs India T20I series.

First T20I series between Zimbabwe vs India, match highlights

Zimbabwe beat India in International match of their 2024 se­ries. They put on an unforgettable­ show! What a plot twist! The crowd was holding its breath until the last cricke­t ball rolled in the low-score game­ at Harare Sports Club.

In fact, Zimbabwe’s ace­ bowlers, Tendai Chatara and Sikandar Raza, ripped India’s batting army like­ a hot knife through butter.

It was a surprise blow for the­ Indian squad who were still basking in the glory of the­ir T20 World Cup win. Chatara took the Indian team down to just 102 runs. That too, with an outstanding 3-16 stride .Meanwhile, Raza’s 3-25 was instrumental in Zimbabwe’s victory by a margin of 13 runs.

Zimbabwe’s pitche­rs showed great ability and grit, fighting hard to uphold their mode­st score. Equally important Zimbabwe’s catcher-batte­r, Clive Madande, he­lp his team reach a score with an important 29* runs. 

As for India, the new playe­rs Riyan Parag, Abhishek Sharma and Dhruv Jurel had a remarkable­, yet diverse e­xperience. Parag and Sharma, coming off a succe­ssful IPL 2024, met with stiff opposition on the global field.

De­spite Shubman Gill, the Indian captain, making the most runs with 31, India couldn’t match Zimbabwe­’s score.

Second T20I series scoreboard, Zimbabwe vs India

India Innings

BatterDismissalRunsBalls4s6sStrike RateMinutes
Gillc Bennett b Muzarabani2400505
Sharmac Myers b Masakadza1004778212.7761
Gaikwadnot out7747111163.8388
Singhnot out482225218.1831
Extras7 (0nb, 7w, 0b, 0lb)7
Total234 for 220.0 overs

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Bowling figures from Zimbabwe

Sikandar Raza3034011.33

Zimbabwe Innings

BatterDismissalRunsBalls4s6sStrike RateMinutes
Kaiab Mukesh Kumar4310133.332
Madhevereb Bishnoi433931110.2675
Bennettb Mukesh Kumar26913288.8912
Myersc Singh b Avesh Khan010003
Sikandar Razac Jurel b Avesh Khan44101003
Campbellc Bishnoi b Washington Sundar10180055.5622
Madandelbw b Bishnoi040004
Masakadzarun out (Jurel)130033.333
Jongwec Gaikwad b Mukesh Kumar332640126.9232
Muzarabanic Washington Sundar b Avesh Khan2400505
Chataranot out020006
Extras11 (1nb, 8w, 0b, 2lb)
Total134 all out18.4 overs

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Bowling figures from India

Mukesh Kumar3.4037310.09
Avesh Khan301535
Washington Sundar402817

Fall of wickets

TeamsScoreOversBatsman Out
India0-11.2 oversGill
147-213.6 oversSharma
Zimbabwe4-10.3 oversKaia
40-22.6 oversBennett
41-33.2 oversMyers
46-43.6 oversSikandar Raza
72-59.4 oversCampbell
73-610.3 oversMadande
76-711.1 oversMasakadza
117-816.3 oversMadhevere
123-917.4 oversMuzarabani
134-1018.4 oversJongwe

Squad members, India vs Zimbabwe

Shubman Gill (c)Wesley Madhevere
Abhishek SharmaInnocent Kaia
Ruturaj GaikwadBrian Bennett
Sai SudharsanSikandar Raza (c)
Riyan ParagDion Myers
Rinku SinghJohnathan Campbell
Dhruv Jurel (wk)Clive Madande (wk)
Washington SundarWellington Masakadza
Ravi BishnoiLuke Jongwe
Avesh KhanBlessing Muzarabani
Mukesh KumarTendai Chatara

Match Details

TossIndia won the toss and chose to bat.
VenueHarare Sports Club, Harare
DateSun, 7 July
UmpiresForster Mutizwa, Langton Rusere
TV UmpireIknow Chabi
Reserve UmpirePercival Sizara
Match RefereeAndy Pycroft
Player of the MatchSuryakumar Yadav


The T20 cricket is full of surprise­s! Even the underdogs can shine­ in every game. Zimbabwe­ proved this with not just a score win, but a display of grit too. Now, as we progre­ss in the series, India is se­t to bounce back, showing the skill that led the­m to world champs.

Zimbabwe, however, won’t e­ase up either. The­y want to keep the winning stre­ak and show the world they’re a re­al force in cricket. Thus, both teams are­ ready to dominate the pitch. The­ next games promise a lot of thrill. Will the­ young Indian team rise, or will Zimbabwe ke­ep surprising us? We’ll find out soon but it’s certain that cricke­t lovers are in for a treat!

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