6 Tips On Dealing With Bad Beats In Poker

Bad Beats In Poker

As interesting as the game of poker can be, players are well aware that losses are inevitable on that table. You will always have to be prepared for that. However, the concept of losing gets that much more heartbreaking when you are on a winning streak. This is what a bad beat is in the game of poker. For some, the chance of losing makes the game even more thrilling. While for others, it can be harder to cope with. […]

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How Does Short Deck Hold ’em Poker Work?

Short Deck Hold 'em Poker

Short Deck Hold ’em is a variant of poker that burst into the mainstream poker circuit in 2018. Like Texas Hold ‘em, this action card game, also known as 6 Plus Hold ‘em, is played with a 36-card deck that removes all the 2s through 5s. It earned its popularity after it was introduced in Macau in the mix of high-stakes cash betting games. As stars are thronging the High Roller events to play the card game, the interest in […]

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Online Slots – Should You Be Betting More or Less?

Online Slots

The gambling industry was one of the casualties of the global pandemic. Casinos suffered from heavy losses, forced to suspend their businesses temporarily worldwide. With lockdowns imposed all over, none of the casinos could operate for nearly two years. As the future looked bleak for the gambling industry, technology stepped up with a solution. The gaming industry was saved to some extent by the grace of online casino games.  These online games quickly became a rage among the gambling community. […]

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How to Play 3 Card Poker?

3 Card Poker

If you are a gambler frequenting real-life or online casinos, you are sure to come against multiple variations of the game of poker. These games have become quite popular given the poker elements they constitute and are less complicated and faster compared to the real game of poker involving actual players. Amidst the long list of these games, such as Pai Gow Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em, the 3 Card Poker is favored by most due to its simplicity and […]

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What is Handicap Betting in E-sports?


Let’s face it that while playing online Fifa or CS:GO, we have all come across some formidable opponents. They not only have higher skill levels and better control but also top ranks that give them an added advantage. No matter how hard we try, we simply cannot beat them. They have hours of practice and hence better upgrades that tip the game in their favour. Thus, it becomes a one-sided match as we simply do not stand a chance. However, […]

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Body language in Poker Games – How to Read Different Body Language in Game

Poker Games

A major part of poker has always been about observing your opponents and trying to guess their expressions. Any experienced, professional poker player can pick up on the ‘tells’ or body language of their competitors. In poker, a ‘tell’ means an involuntary physical indicator that exposes the true feelings of the player about his hand of cards. However, there is hardly any universal guide on this subject as two players showing the same tell may tend to convey different meanings.  […]

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What is the Andrucci Betting System in Roulette?

Andrucci Betting System

Roulette happens to be one of the most popular casino games in both digital casinos and real-life ones. Synonymous with sophistication, glamour, and glitz, it has featured in blockbuster films such as ‘Croupier’ and ‘The Gambler’. The unpredictable nature of the game continues to attract gamblers to the roulette table. It is a hot favorite among amateur gamblers as it requires little strategy and skills to win. There is almost nothing you can do to beat the odds apart from […]

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Top 5 Female Poker Players in the World

Female Poker Players

Men have predominantly dominated the poker circuit since the inception of the game. People considered it to be just a shady gambling activity, and most did not even deem it a sport. Due to its ill reputation, there was no place for women at the poker table. The very few rare ones, who tried to enter the male-dominated world, had to endure scrutiny from the judgemental society. Poker slowly became mainstream, with Benny Binion establishing the World Series of Poker […]

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5 Betting Tips on Snooker


Snooker is one of the less known balls and cue games available. Even though it is not as popular in the mainstream as pool or billiards, it is immensely interesting. One of the best things about snooker is that it’s very niche. Not many people know how to play so they avoid betting on it. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting to bet on for those who know the game. There are many types of bets you can […]

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How can Poker Help You Make More Fact-Based Decisions?

Poker Games

Poker is one of the most infamous casino games of all time. It is also one of the only casino games other than Blackjack that relies heavily on skills and little on luck. Poker requires players to have patience and be smart. It is one of those games that also rely heavily on being able to read your opponent’s body language and assess their game. A good poker player is good at decision-making and money management. But how? How exactly […]

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