Tips On How To Use Free Spins Most Effectively

Tips On How To Use Free Spins Most Effectively

When we think of a casino, we often remember the jackpot clinks of slot machines. They have been around for over a hundred years, and they are here to stay. Slot machines are mechanically simple. The player just pulls the lever. The game practically plays itself. Naturally, it translates very well to a virtual setting. Every major online casino has a dedicated slot games zone. ‘Do not play slots if you want to win money’, a few gambling pundits might tell you. But online slot games are a different ballgame, thanks to their free spins. 

What are free spins, and what’s so special about them?

A free spin gives you a chance to spin the reel free of cost. Certain conditions like a specific combination of symbols trigger it. The possibility of getting additional spins technically ramps up crude numbers. It is simple – you have better odds of winning your money back with two rolls rather than one. 

But here’s the rub: some online casinos offer free spins as a welcome bonus. That means multiple rounds of slot games on the house, from the get go! This is where the enduring popularity of online slot games stem from. No-deposit free spin give anyone a chance to test out a casino without making any deposits. A newcomer might try their hand at slot games for the first time in a risk-free environment. But even these free spins can be used in a wise manner.

How to utilize free spins efficiently?

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to make most out of these freebies:

  • Devising and/or improvising strategies are important for all games. But half the battle is won with just knowing about the game and the spins. Generally speaking, there are two types of free spins. As mentioned, the first and most popular is the non-deposit free spin. A few casinos reward you with free spins just for creating an account with them, or sometimes as a temporary promotional event. The important thing is that you do not need to invest any money. With the other type of free spins, though, you do. Deposit spins require you to ‘buy’ your bundle of spins in a sense. This can be indirect, i.e. you need to put money in your account to get free spins as a gift. Most casinos also offer ‘free spin’ bundles at a discount rate for a fixed value on specific games. 
  • As an extension to the first rule, take some time to read the terms and conditions. Online casinos are first and foremost a monetary business. They would not award you freebies for charity. Almost all online casinos have caveats on free spins they grant. Free spins won in one game may not be used for another game. There are wagering requirements and withdrawal limitations. Many casinos will also impose a hard cap on how much money you can make over time. Before you commit to playing or paying real money, test the waters, and read up on these conditions in your chosen casino. 
  • A wagering requirement means how many times you have to wager your money to get it back.
  • Line shopping for free spin availability is difficult. It takes a lot of manual browsing. But many major online casino apps also offer sorting features, so take advantage of these. Therefore, always check the usual suspect first – newly released and/or trending slot games. 
  • Check the RTP on the game you are playing. RTP (return to player) percentage of a game represents the long-term potential of making money from that game. You can play around this by prioritizing high-RTP slot games (Starburst Shot, Jackpot 6000, Blood Sucker).
  • It may be tempting to go for big bets and chain big combos for big wins. But, if your first priority is making money, slow and steady is the way to go. Play low-volatility low-variance games. These games may pay less, but you have a much higher chance of getting something out of your free spins. Know that luck can also run out. So, don’t use all your free spins in one day. Try to keep some for the other days too.


In the end, it’s possible for you to win nothing out of free spins, even after finding the highest RTP and biggest odds. Don’t give up. Understand that slot games are ultimately about chance. Therefore, bottom line is to research and strategize, and you will eventually make some extra money from free spins. Best of luck!

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