Top Ten Common Slot Machines Myths

10 Popular Myths about Slot Machines

The advances in gaming technology have helped the slots world as opposed to any other casino games. It is estimated that around 70 percent of casino revenues came from slot machines. Because of simple gameplay, it draws both inexperienced and professional gamblers to enter this game. Since there are no skills involved, and this form of casino game can only be played with little or lack of knowledge. All that means is that everyone can take a chance to become a potential instant jackpot winner.

But the fact that playing slot doesn’t take so much gambling experience means most people don’t understand how it really works. That makes it easy to say the reasons why with any false logic a win or loss occurred. Here are the slot myths and fallacies you’d probably heard or done a couple of times to win. Let’s dig in and discuss it.

1. Someone hit a jackpot on the machine you just left, you would have won if you kept playing.

It’s one of slot gambling’s popular and most common notions that obviously is a big lie. The slots have microchipped that runs the Random Number Generator. The RNG runs through numbers continuously even when the computer is not being used. Such numbers are the stops on the wheel which display the winning or losing symbols you see when the reels stop. Once you press the spin button or pull the handle, at that specified microsecond, the RNG will pick the combination. Therefore, if you waited, it is doubtful that at the exact Nanosecond you would have stopped the RNG to show the same number combination.

2. The odds of winning can tell by counting the symbols of each wheel.

You will certainly not foresee and tell. For every spin, the RNG generates a number. There can be hundreds of virtual stops on every wheel, even if you see just a few symbols. It has in the slots a computer chip that can program 256 stops for each wheel which makes the house edge odds very high against winning the combinations. That being said, the slot has generated millions of combinations, so it’s the reason slots can offer large paybacks.

3. Sticking to a game will increase your odds of winning.

Another famous slot-gambling fallacy in the world. The idea behind this is to increase the odds of you winning a significant sum if you play long for hours. The other side of this argument is when you score a big win, then it’s unlikely you’ll score another of the same size. Such ideas are all unfounded in themselves. Every spin is totally independent of the previous result and will have no effect on the next. Consequently, the outcomes for every case are unpredictable, a consequence of randomness. Your winning or losing chances on every spin are the same and only your luck can decide the outcome.

4.  Some times of day and night are better than others.

In reality, this isn’t true. The casinos are not programmed to alter the outcome of the day and night slots for a specific time. As the story goes, the odds on the machines are getting better during slow times of the day. Casinos tightened the odds when it’s getting busy. Under this premise, casinos want players to be tempted to gamble by offering better odds at times of low demand. In that, this is not at all true. The random number generator knows not what day and night time it is. It just put inside the computers, remaining there and waiting to be played.

5. A system exists to beat the slots.

There’s no system there to beat the slots. Every casino has a license to operate house edge games over the players. The house edge is an integral advantage that the casino has. But it does not mean that on any given spin you will lose, it only ensures that the more you participate in play, the more likely you will lose. However, the house edge and the findings do not match perfectly. So, the more spins you make, the more likely the edge of the house will look like the results.

6. Machines near doors have better odds.

The gaming machines near exits and in heavy traffic appear to have better odds. The idea behind this is that viewers are seeing gamblers winning more jackpots, so it seems like an advertisement type. Such an idea is not valid at all because it is not appropriate to attract gamblers to play such placement of slot machines. Every casino is constantly moving its slot machines around the gaming floor to see which combinations work the best. Thus, at any given time, the loose or tight devices appear to be mounted at different locations.

7. Slot are rigged against the players.

This is a common misconception that their games have been rigged by the casino to ensure players lose their casino bankroll. For different reasons, this is not very accurate. To begin with, if there’s no chance of winning at something, people do not play at casinos. After all, nobody likes to wager for no return on their money. The truth of the situation is some players are going to win and some are going to lose completely based on the luck of the case. The casino will therefore never rig the games in such a way that you fail at every other turn.

8. Time of day matters.

This myth about slot machines states that when opposed to others, slots and other games can pay more at certain periods of the day. That’s totally not a fact. The explanation behind this is that during non-busy times, casinos are trying to attract players with greater winning possibilities. There is no such evidence to suggest that this is true, and this myth is baseless. If the casinos are able to change the games ‘ winning odds or payout ratios then the games will no longer be random. At all costs, this is considered illegal.

9. Using a club card will affect the payout ratio of a slot.

There is absolutely no truth to this story. Slot machines are designed to set odds, no matter whether or not a club card is inserted. This will never affect the match, the chances or the ratio of payouts. If you choose not to attach a club card, however, you miss the opportunity to earn comp points and other incentives that the casino provides.

10. Pulling down on the lever hard produces a better outcome.

This by far the worst myth we have been encountered. It retains the assumption, for whatever reason, that pulling the lever hard of slot machines would produce a better result than pulling it gently down. The other variation of the myth involves pulling the lever in favor of pressing the spin button to get a better outcome. This myth is utterly erroneous and completely unfounded. Because nowadays everything is done with computer software, that means playing slots is no more different than playing video games.

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