6 Amazing Facts About Progressive Slots

6 Amazing Facts About Progressive Slots

Progressive Jackpots are very famous in any gambling situation. Be it an online or offline casino, people love playing on progressive slots. This is mostly because the progressive slot increases every time someone plays it and doesn’t win anything. They are also the only type of slot machine where you might win millions. Naturally, people flock towards these machines a lot more. Hitting the jackpot in progressive slots is hard but it is so rewarding that it’s easy to forget everything else. Even though it doesn’t pay out often, the chance of winning big from it keeps people flocking around it. Here are a few facts about Progressive Slots you might not know. 

You Can Only Hit the Jackpot if You are Playing Max Credits

One of the things you should know about Progressive slots is that to qualify to win the max payout, you also have to go for the max bet. Otherwise, you might win with your minimum bet or other bets, but you won’t win the big money. This is not to say that max bets increase your chances of winning by a lot. But it certainly is better than zero. 

The Player has an Advantage in Progressive Slots

Theoretically speaking, progressive slots should put players at an advantage. And surely it does, but there is a big question about whether it has any effect or not. You see, theoretically, if a person spends enough money and time on a progressive slot machine, his chances of winning increase. But in actuality, nobody knows when the machine is due for a payout. A machine that usually pays every six months might not pay for nine months. And yes, that would mean you are due for a payout. But nobody knows when that time will come. 

Go for Standalone Progressive Slots for Bigger Wins

Bigger progressive slots are very attractive and might offer a lot of games. But usually, the standalone slots with lesser games have better chances of a payout. If you have set your eyes on a jackpot, finding a smaller slot machine is going to help you. Vast progressives like Megabucks are flashy and popular. But the chances of winning are really low. 

Advantage Player Teams

Advantage players are those gamblers who only play when they have an edge over the casino. For example, a card counter in Blackjack might be considered an advantage player. In progressive slots when a payout is long overdue, the players have an advantage over the machine. Sometimes in situations like these, a group of advantage players occupies all the machines with that progressive slot. They play until one of them wins the jackpot and then they split the money. Some casinos have rules that ban this activity. 

Progressive slots have a lower RTP Rate

Even though they come with all the bells and whistles, progressive slots are not as advantageous as it seems. Any slot machines that are advantageous for the players usually have a return to player rate of above 95%. The best odds are those that offer an RTP of over 98%. But what happens in Progressive Slots is that nobody wins much money other than the occasional progressive jackpot. Even though that amount is huge if you observe the pattern, in the long run, the RTP rate is usually lower than 95%. So if you are planning to play a slot machine that gives you some advantage as a player, normal slot machines are a better option than progressive slots. 

The Megabucks Curse

We talked about how Megabucks is probably one of the most famous Progressive slots ever. But just like everything with a legendary status, there is a sort of a myth attached to it. People say that whoever wins a Megabucks jackpot, might face death or some other terrible woe. Since people love talking about impossible things, we can take it or leave it as it is. But the fact remains that Megabucks has become so legendary that urban legends are surrounding it. 


This was the list of a few very interesting facts about Progressive Slots. Even though slot machines offer some of the worst odds of any gambling activity, people still love them. It gives them something to enjoy without thinking too much about it. Especially people who are new to the gambling world or gamble for fun love slot machines. Progressive slots are probably the most famous type of slot game. They offer a vast array of games and a very attractive progressive jackpot amount. Whether you can achieve that goal is something for fate to decide. But nothing takes the fun away from it. 

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