8 Types of Slot Machines


Online slot machines can be particularly confusing if you’re just getting started. There are so many distinct slot machines available and that’s why it’s difficult to define which ones are which at some point. But any slot machine’s basics stay the same. Regardless of the slot type you’ve chosen to play. The most slot mechanics stay the same, requiring matching symbols to create a winning combination. Therefore, playing slot machines can kill boredom and the more you’re playing, the more you’ve found out which one works best for you.

Today, let’s talk about the different types of slot machines here in this article. For us to recognize each one before heading to play a slot machine game.

Number of Reels

The first type, is identified by the number of reels in a slot machine. Every slot is distinct and their reels are one of the primary things that distinguish them. The machine front spinning symbols are called “reels.” There are three reels in the traditional old school or classic slot machines, however, the more advanced slot machine games use five reels. The extra reels make it possible to have even bigger jackpots because they are correspondingly difficult to win with added reels on a game. Thus, reels are an essential component of the machine experience. As it presses the spin button, the reels rotate at a high-velocity pace as quickly.  Once it stops, the player level of success or failure therefore revealed.

Count of Paylines

Payline is the game’s most significant component. The total number that exists determines how many distinct line winners can be produced. Therefore, the days are gone when pay lines were in straight lines only. Now games feature paylines that you can’t imagine such straight, diagonal, and different shapes. Looking at the paytable is essential as this shows you know of each of them as you activate them in playing. If there’s a lot of paylines then you’re better off getting a victory. Maybe providing small yields but appreciate any victory, particularly if you’re staking a lot of cash to activate those paylines.

Loose, Medium and Tight Slot Machines

To comprehend the factors that attract players to try playing slot games, attempt to know these terms first. Each slot machine can offer a distinct payout percentage and it is up to a player to discover the largest paying slot machine among the many slot machine available to play. A loose slot machine is one with 97 percent or more RTP (Return to Player). This percentage will pay back over a long period of time. Moreover, if a player finds a loose slot machine with the largest payout percentage, getting or winning this payback rate from a slot machine should consider the long-term period involved. The smaller the RTP is, however, or the average return to the percentage of the player, the tighter it is. The closer the game the larger its jackpot is. Then tight slots have an RTP of less than 94 percent. However, the medium slots are machines that are not loose or tight for providing a return on the investment of the players they are somewhere in the middle.

Video Slots

Video slots have become the most fun casino games to play with small bet amounts.  This becomes the most played game in an online casino with the enhancement of software over the years and they offer amazing payouts and endless action. With an enormous variety of games and some appealing themes, low-to-high roller players can appreciate the action and enjoy enormous jackpots and incredible bonus rounds. Usually, a video slot comes with bonus features or free spins, plus incredible graphics.

Flat Top or Progressive Slot

The games called flat top if they correspond with a fixed top prize. It provides the big winner a lower price but the opportunity to win a big prize is much better than the chances to win a progressive jackpot. While the progressive slot machine has a jackpot that increases over time. This is a tremendous jackpot. The game requires each game a small percentage and adds it to jackpots total until it wins at which point the game starts over with its starting jackpot. Progressive slot machines can be sub-categorized. Progressive slots have a jackpot distinctive to an individual machine — they call these progressives standalone, local progressives, and wide area network progressives.

3D Slots

One of the reputable casinos ‘ primary objectives is to give a realistic and enjoyable gaming experience to gamblers. This user experience relies mainly on the software used by the casino. The software delivers an image and animation quality gaming, leading to outstanding 3D sound and graphic characteristics. And 3D slots are undoubtedly the most common category in internet casino games. 3D slots games feature superb 3D graphics. That seems to jump off the screen with no other equipment being needed. Compared to traditional video poker, 3D slot machine games provide a more interactive experience. Most 3D slots feature immersive stories and characters, adding additional depth to the gameplay, higher replay value, and an additional incentive. Online 3D slots also feature a wide range of themes and designs, meaning you’ll never get bored. 3D slots merge enhanced graphics, sounds and animations into an online casino experience like no other.

Land-Based or Online Slots

Land-Based are slot machines with which the player can interact physically. Even though their reels are virtual, if the location is in a real-world casino, they still fall into this category. You can also find games of this sort in a multitude of other places, from airports and bars to hotel lobbies. While internet slots are the latest invention, online slots provide casino gambling thrill without having to leave your own home’s privacy and comfort. We find most of these games on websites of virtual casinos, although a number can be download in the form of an app to mobile devices.

AWP or SWP Slots

There are a variety of slot machines accessible at various casino locations known as AWP’s. An AWP slot is one that will give you plenty of bonus games and bonus features as you play each of those slot games. AWP is fun with prizes. Originally intend these kinds of slot machines in such a manner that they are low stake slots but offer players plenty of entertainment value. An AWP means Amusement with Prizes. While SWP or Skill with Prize, however, is a gaming slot machine that delivers a payout and the result that depends on players ‘ skills. SWP is a combination of skill games and luck on games. The degree to which skill determines the result versus luck of chance varies among the machines.

Final Words

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