A Beginner’s Guide to Playing on Slots

A beginner's guide to playing on slots

When a beginner goes to a casino, the first thing that they want to try out is the slots. Slots are known to win jackpots if your luck is with you. And most online casinos show an RTP or Returns to Player on slot machines, which makes the player confident. Slots are seemingly easy. As a player, you just have to go to the slot, pull the handle (even in virtual slots), and watch if the symbols fall in a payline. However, like all casino games, one should not just go into any game blindly. There are certain basic things that a beginner slot player should know.

What are the types of slots?

Since slots are really attractive for a new player, there are many different kinds of slots offered by the online casino. The different types of slots are:

  1. Fruit Slot Machines

This is a common slot machine that has a 3×3 reel layout. Here, the slot symbols represent different fruits. This is the old-school slot machine and may reward you with some returns, though they rarely get you jackpots.

  1. Jackpot slots

These slots are more prone to rewarding the player with jackpots. Jackpot slots can be fixed or progressive. Based on your style, you can go for a jackpot slot to test your luck.

  1. Video Slots 

Video slots are the boon of the online casino world. Top software developers provide different video slots with a variety of animations with stunning graphics. Video slots can also bring your favourite superheroes or characters on the slot machine too.

  1. 3D Slots 

3D Slots enhance the experience of an online player by adding the 3D element to the slot machines. They bring together action-packed gameplay, advanced graphics, and great sound too.

Basic features of slots

Some of the basic features of slots are:

  1. Symbols

This is the first thing that you would probably notice in a slot machine. Slots have a lot of symbols on them. These symbols vary as per the theme of the slot machine. But they can be divided into two categories:

i) Low-value symbols: If you land these symbols in a winning combo, then they bring you low returns.

ii) High-value symbols: Based on the theme of the game, there are certain high-value symbols too. These symbols may be special characters and if you land them on the payline, you can get massive returns.

  1. Reels and rows

Reels are the vertical spinning wheel of a slot machine. Rows, on the other hand, are the horizontal set of the symbols. The different types of reels and rows are:

i) 3-reel slots 

3-reel slots are the basic slot machines. These are old school and have just three rows in them. The features of these slot machines are also poorer.

ii) 5-reel slots 

This is the more modern slot machine where there are 5 reels. Many of the famous layouts for this kind of slot machine are the 5×3 layout, which means 5 reels with 3 rows. 

iii) More than 5 reels?

You might be wondering if there could be more than 5 reels in a slot machine. Well, certain online casinos can offer expanding reels for slot machines. This can come to your advantage as they involve counting of the symbol spaces, thus increasing your winning potential.

  1. Payline and Paytable

Payline is essential in a slot game. It is a pattern of symbols which the game reads and tries to understand whether you have won a game or not. It is not always required that you get a horizontal line of the same symbols to win. Sometimes, you can get jagged lines connected to different symbols which show the payline. Paylines are predetermined. The paytable shows the values of the symbols and how to achieve the bonuses.

Slot Machines – Special Features

Some of the special features of slot machines are:

Wilds: Wilds are special symbols which can replace another symbol in the slot game. Naturally, they can help make up your payline. There are different kinds of wilds too. Sticky wilds stay on for more than one spin while normal ones remain for only one spin. Wandering wilds are like sticky wilds but they can move from their location.

  • Scatters: Scatters are bonus symbols which can unlock jackpot potential or other bonus features of the game you are playing.
  • Free Spins: Sometimes, the casino or a bonus feature can offer you a free spin. This is simply a spin where you do not need to put any money at stake.
  • Re-spins: This is another bonus feature which can allow you to have a second chance on a spin. However, these may not always be free.
  • Multipliers: Multipliers are certain symbols that multiply your win and push you towards a jackpot.
  • Bonus game: Bonus games unlock suddenly after you hit certain symbols or combos. These are great to play, but they do not require too much skill. It is primarily based on luck.

Slot games are really fun to play. Some people may wonder that slot machines are rigged, but that is just a myth. Slot machines go through rigid tests and are certified by authorities to be random. 

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