Advantage Play In Online Slots – Does It Work?

Advantage Play In Online Slots - Does It Work?

Most of the time, when it comes to slots, the fate of a game is mostly left to luck. There are not many strategies or methods you can follow to your advantage here. This is why the best method to go around playing on slots is to stick to a lower amount of bets and then move on to table games fast. However, that is not what always happens, given the fact that slots are one of the most popular poker games globally. 

Thing is, slots are also the games that casinos accumulate the most of their house edge from. So beating the odds at slots is not an easy thing to do. But is there no chance of getting an edge in these games at all? There are of course some ways to do so. One such method is the Advantage Play method. Here we are going to discuss what the advantage play method is. And also some basic strategies you can use to better your performance at online slots from now on. Please read the whole article to learn more.

Can you really get an edge in online slots?

Online slots are very difficult to get around. Especially because they use AI algorithms that ensure a complete randomized result. However, even if it sounds impossible, it is actually possible. Although only to an extent as they are pretty difficult to actually execute. But if you do find it then try to utilize it to the max as they are the ones that are going to make your gains really count. So, here let us discuss how we can use an Advantage play method in online slots.

Best advantage play methods

There are some really useful methods when it comes to using them to get an edge over online slots. Although they seem pretty basic, they are actually the key rules that if you follow you can actually make it count for your bankroll. Following is a list of the most useful methods:

Utilize glitches

Developers go to great lengths to ensure complete automation and randomization of slots according to algorithms. The main goal is that this way over time they will be able to reach the stated RTP rate. However, the programming does get functional problems from time to time. Now, these issues can either benefit the casino or the players. So, if you happen to find such faults in the systems that benefit the players, try it out. 

Combine high-paying slots with welcome deals

Online casinos usually offer great deals as welcome bonuses. They are also designed to ultimately benefit the casinos. So that they can still profit from the deal even after paying out a bonus. Sometimes, though, you can find some deals where you can combine both high-paying slots and welcome bonuses. These rare cases will help you to maximize your gains faster.

Try Progressive Jackpot games

Progressive slots provide their base RTP when the Jackpot is first seeded. As in, suppose the big prize is seeded, so they now feature a 93% RTP rate. The interesting thing though is that their RTP increases the longer the Jackpot remains unclaimed. In some cases, their RTP rate does very well cross over the 100% RTP rate. These are the situations where you can have a big advantage on slots. Although you will have to go by guesses to determine if a slot is far past the time to offer over 100% RTP rate.

Banking slots can be helpful

Basically in banking slots, you work towards unlocking a bonus by collecting scatter symbols throughout a game. So the way to gain an advantage here is to look for slots abandoned by players close to the point of the bonus triggering. Although it does not happen usually, it is not an impossible situation.

Mystery slots can help you win big time

Mystery slots are games where the machine pays its jackpot amount at a specific amount. For example at about $450. Now you have to look for machines that are open and are close to hitting the jackpot. For example, look for machines that are at about $442 or close to that. So that you only need to invest about $8 or less for the jackpot to win. These are also not easy to find, but if you do then make sure to utilize them.


Online slots are one of the most enjoyable games available at the casinos. Which obviously speaks volumes about its global popularity a lot. Although they can be pretty hard to get around, it is not impossible to find an edge over them sometimes. Just follow these steps properly and make your slots experience even more enjoyable.

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