Beating the Slot Machines – Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael

Tommy Glenn Carmichael was born in the mid-1950’s. As a kid, he’s always involved in technology. That’s why he opened a TV products and repair store. The Oklahoma shop was called Ace TV Sales and Service. It was a big hit at first, but eventually it became a failure due to its growing competition. It led to the closing of his company.

Introduction to Slot Machine

It was after the unfortunate events of his life. His friend Ray Ming presented him with a miniature slot machine and a casino cheater tool, a top-down joint for the first time. Ray informed Tommy that he would enter his car and open the door. Therefore, this is the beginning of Tommy’s casino gambling orientation. He took the machine, learned and tested the workings of the slot machine. After hours of patience, then. He’s excited to test his new ways of gambling at a casino in Las Vegas.

First Cheating Experience

Since his first introduction with the slot machine, Tommy has been testing his skills. He cheated on a small casino outside the Las Vegas strip. Afterward, he moved on to a better casino, a more expensive slot machine, so he became more ferocious in making tricks. His skillful fingers and devices carried him to $1,000 an hour. Tommy has been doing his tricks at all casinos for years to come. He looted money from gaming houses, modified his equipment, and developed new techniques. He’s pursued by the authorities, then, but the lack of evidence stops them from arresting him.

First Time Arrested

Tommy Glenn Carmichael spent the next five years using his numerous tactics to collect millions of money from casinos. However, casinos are becoming more aware of cheaters’ tools, so casinos are updating their machines using the latest technology through Random Number Generators. As a result, he played in smaller casino halls that this sophisticated equipment could not afford. However, he’s spotted doing his offenses, so now it’s easy to spot him cheating. The police were unknowingly investigating and catching him. Tommy was, therefore, trying to prove his innocence, but in his pocket, the police discovered his top-bottom joint cheating tool. He was sentenced to five years in prison.

Discovered New Cheating Method

A few months before Tommy was released from prison, the new revolutionary device was a video poker slot machine. This new gaming has improved the random number of generators and microprocessors. And, to study and work out how to solve it, he purchased a video poker console at home. However, after a year of having figured it out. Tommy is going to test his latest invention. The Monkey Paw. It is made of guitar wire and flexible spring steel. Slot machines, however, have been constantly updated and tracked for deficiencies. He discovered a new way to cheat. In addition to hacking, he even sold his innovation to every paid buyer on the black market. In addition, he developed a group that had encountered cheating casinos in the past.

Imprisoned After Getting Caught

For almost four years, the group flourished until the end of 1996 when Tommy and his crew visited the Las Vegas Circus Hotel and Casino. Surveillance cameras are all around; however, Tommy did not know what led him to be caught. This period, he was charged with hacking, owning a cheating tool, and creating cheating devices. There seems to be insufficient evidence to hold him back for a long time. And before being convicted as the leader of America’s most wanted cheating operation, he was arrested several times. Tommy was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and three years’ probation.

Tommy’s After Sentence

Tommy works now with the Nevada Gaming Commission to build anti-cheating technology that could be used in modern slot machines. Furthermore, his successful creation called the “Protector,” was created to block all known cheating devices.

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