Book of Immortals: the ISB Slot Fit for a King

Introducing the newest ISB slot available only on JeetWIn. Try the Book of Immortals for free or play using real money credits.

The game is slots, the inspiration—Egyptian gods. Ancient Egypt is in chaos. Mortals are conflicted with plagues, extreme living conditions, and harsh food scarcity. Luckily for them, they have a ton of gods, one for each aspect of their lives. Unfortunately, only the Pharaoh can directly speak to them and ask for help. Lucky for you, this privilege is now open for all. Your goal is to fight against the hierarchal norms of ancient Egypt and rise with and sometimes against the revered gods. With luck, you can be exalted in this ISB slot, share new prosperity to your people and eventually bring back the glory of what once was.

The Game

On paper, this game features a Return-to-Player rate of about 96.31%, and a line hit of 30.32%, in a medium to high volatility level.

Onset, players are greeted with an Egyptian temple and escorted through its corridors. Great medieval ambience juxtaposed with symbols, hieroglyphs, sacred animals, and huge halls greet brave heroes as they embark on the journey of their lifetime. Hair-raising musical background gives the slots a thematic experience like no other.

On Free Spins, the game randomly selects a special symbol and displays the same above the reels. This increases the winning chances on adjacent reels after a sin payout. Once this happens, another symbol gets chosen. Consequently, this symbol may evolve to become immortal gods which then expands on the duration of the Free Spins. They can even add additional spins from the special symbol reel.


The blue god pays the most with 150 for five in a row. Next, the red god with 100 for five in a row. The green god and the purple god pay out 80 and 50 for both five in a row. Other symbols are the A, K, Q, J, and 10. The starting payout from these symbols starts from 40 for five in a row down to 25 for five in a row.

This highly anticipated game features a lucky Scarab in a stunning hieroglyphics background. When they appear for three or more times on the reels, they unluck ten Free Spins and a cash reward of twice, 20x or even 200x the initial bet. On any paid spins, a swarm of Scarabs fly across the reels and land on up to ten symbols. This triggers an automatic function where players are treated to multiple wins.

Play and Enjoy

Book of Immortals is not for the frail. After all, Egyptian gods are not to me trifled with—lest they inflict you with greater afflictions. However, there if there is a chance to rise against the known ranks and even to the rank of an immortal ancient Egyptian god, Book of Immortals open that chance. You can be the next great god.

Try this ISB slot only on JeetWin and receive instant treats and bonuses. To read more about the latest casino news, sports updates, and more, follow our blog. Do not forget to register with us to access online playing!

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