Debunking the Popular Myths about Slot Machines

Debunking the popular myths about slot machines

There are a number of myths and ‘tips’ regarding slot machines. For example: ‘pulling the lever faster improves your chances,’ or certain areas of casino and times of day ‘improve your chances of the jackpot.’ In the same vein, online slot games also have these in abundance. The following are the biggest myths regarding slot games and how they are complete falsehoods. 

Myth: Online slots are rigged

In an online slot machine, all you see is the digital screen. Since there is no physical machine present, we tend to suspect foul play. 

The truth is that online slot game platforms seldom make their own games. Instead, they get a license to host games that third-party casino software suppliers develop. That is to say, these are legit slot games that have proper RNG, and they offer several methods to testify their legitimacy. Online slot game platforms often provide game history and similar data. These are auditable resources. In other words, one can run them through algorithms to check whether they hold up against the advertised odds. If you go to a legit online slot games library, you will not get duped by backend tricks.

Myth: You are owed a win if you keep playing 

Every online slot game, just like a physical slot machine, has an ‘RTP’ or ‘return to player’ percentage. For example, suppose a slot game has 90% RTP. It means that over time, you (the player) will recover 90% of the money you put into it. But ‘Overtime’ is an important keyword here. It is a long-term statistic of averages. To clarify, it does not guarantee a return of 9 bucks if you pay for ten spins priced at a dollar. 

Thus, misunderstanding this RTP often leads us to misunderstand how slot games function. We are misled to think that we are entitled to a win after getting squat for many spins in a row. This is the wrong math. In fact, you are never ‘due’ for a win. Slot games – both online and physical – use RNG (random number generation) to roll for an outcome. That means each time you spin, the game rolls a completely random number with a random result on each instance. Therefore, the probability of getting one particular result does not diminish or improve over time.

Myth: Hot streaks and cold streaks

This is basically the opposite of the last myth. The idea of ‘hot streaks’ is that getting favourable results a few times in a row means you are likely to continue the ‘streak.’ In card games, we expect the momentum of getting good hands or getting opportune developments will continue in the next round. Similarly, in a slot game, our instincts tell us that we will spin another good roll. 

The root of this myth is, again, a misunderstanding of how slot games work. Like we said in our previous point, slot games use pure RNG to determine each outcome individually. No two spins are related to each other in any way whatsoever. So ‘hot streaks,’ when they do happen, are just very rare strokes of luck. On the other hand, ‘cold streaks’ are not even that – you are statistically much more likely to get unfavourable rolls.

Myth: Free trial runs have scripted jackpots

The top online slot game platforms will often let you go on demo runs. The myth in circulation is that these trials will often have abnormally high chances of getting good spins, thus giving you good scores to lure you in. Theoretically, it would work as a great business model. 

However, this is completely false in legit and reputable slot game platforms. The trial runs are not separately developed spinoffs; they are the actual games running on the exact same algorithm and codebase. On the contrary, to jack up the RTP in trial spins would be gross misrepresentation and a violation of casino codes that could, in some cases, lead to seizure of their license.

Myth: Online slots don’t payout

This is a tricky subject to handle. It is true that a number of online casinos may want customers to spend more. For instance, some major online casino platforms will have reward systems that look lucrative but are designed to get you hooked, so you favour their slot game library over other casinos.

But to address the actual myth: if you invest your own money and get payouts, the casino cannot withhold the payout in general. Yet, just to be on the safe side – always read any special payment policy or rules of a slot game, if any, before you play it. 

Most of these myths and hearsay exist because there are actual scammy slot game companies that exploit the customer. In conclusion – stick to legal and reputable online casinos, and read the terms of service in advance.

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