How Does Slot Frequency Work and What Is It?

Slot Frequency

Most industries and organizations use their jargon. Not surprisingly, most of these terms are misunderstood and misinterpreted. When it comes to online casinos are the reason for some serious problems for novice gamblers. One of the best examples of casino jargon would be the term “Slot Frequency.” It is very important when it comes to bankrolling. This article will give you complete information about slot machine hit frequency.

Slot Frequency:

The slot machine is the most famous gambling game with spinning reels with symbols. To play the game, you need to place a bet and spin the wheel, and if the symbols of the reels line up, you win the prizes based on which symbols fall on that “pay line.” In addition to this, slots don’t provide payouts as often as other casino games. Of course, the major reason why they pay infrequently is that they offer such large prizes. If you have engaged in your fair share of slot machines, you have noticed that some symbols award payout combinations compared to others.

Additionally, it is common knowledge that slot machine games are specially programmed to win randomly with the results for each spin. Therefore, most players prefer to go through a simple playing strategy and watch the reels spin. Nevertheless, knowing how often you can expect to win with slot machine games is always great. Hit Slot Frequency gives you this information, which often covers under the shadow of RTP, house edge, and volatility. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the actual hit frequency is often a secret. Nevertheless, all casino games will have their own built-in predetermined hit frequency, which is available due to their programming. In many ways, it is perfectly understandable that a developer or casino operator never wants its customers to know this number. The fear is that if they had a better understanding of the hit frequency. They would be able to work out when it would next payout. 

How does Slot Frequency work?

Slot machine hit frequency is the term that casino use to describe how often a slot machine will stop on a winning combination. No matter the size of your winnings, things matter if you win something. However, some slots provide the Slot Frequency in the info screen. In addition, the average slot features between 20% and 30% hit frequencies. Therefore, you will not win much of the time with any game. Regardless, you will still benefit from knowing how frequently your winnings come.

For instance, if a slot machine hits a frequency of 8%, it will stop on a winning combination about 8% of the time. It is worth noting that most of the slots and VLTs let the players bet on multiple lines on each spin. As a result, on a single spin, a single player can get one or more than one winning combination with numerous losing combinations. To the player, it may feel as if he wins more often. But as always, the losing combinations will far outnumber the winning ones over time. However, there are great variations in the hit frequency of slots and VLTs.

Some slots have Slot Frequency as low as 3%, while others have almost 45%. However, a slot machine with a 3% hit frequency may sound very unappealing. It offers a chance to the players to win a very large jackpot. Players often perceive low-hit frequency games as “tight” because the win can be so far apart. On the other hand, high-hit frequency games see as “loose” because there are several small wins. Don’t forget that hit frequency is how often a winning combination will come up.  

Players must gravitate toward slots with smaller but more frequent hits to make their slot bankroll last as long as possible. However, a slot that hits 10% of the time will protect your bankroll for longer. It means more time at the slots will increase the entertainment value. Another great reason to choose the more frequent slot game is if the player derives most of her pleasure from winning. On the other hand, those players who want to chase progressive jackpots or play games that provide high fixed payouts will almost always have to settle for the low-hit frequency slot game. 


Hit frequency shows the chances of winning a payout within each round. Therefore, it is a useful figure to some degree. After reading this article, we are sure you will get complete information about Slot Frequency. However, it doesn’t account for either win per line. The latter is something that could be corrected through odds of winning with each line.

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