How Frequently Do Online Slots Pay?

How Frequently Do Online Slots Pay?

One of the main questions that pop into the minds of players in slot games is about payouts. This is mainly because slot games tend to be a little less generous in terms of a payout than the other gambling games. However, the payouts when they do come to fruition, that is, the jackpot amount is considerably massive. The problem is the term payout when it comes to slot games is a bit complicated. To help you understand it better we have tried to explain here what exactly payout entails in slot games. Go through it once to learn how frequently online slots actually pay.

What do you mean by slots payout?

Even though inexperienced players think that slot games are a matter of spinning the wheel and leaving it to lucky stars. It is actually a bit more complicated than that. The term slots payout generally has two meanings when it comes to slot games. One, hit rate, and the second, jackpot odds. Now, when we think of the payouts of online slots we usually think about hit rates. The reason is jackpot odds are usually all over the place and sometimes truly impossible to calculate.

How do hit rates work?

Hit rates mean the frequency at which you can win at least one prize per spin. Hit rates are often displayed on the website for the benefit of the players in reputable websites. Not only that but they are also updated every month. Basically, if it says that a slot has about 25% winning frequency, it means that you can expect one or more payouts on 25% of spins. However, if the data is not listed then you will need to guess based on the average odds. Online slots usually have a range of 20%-25% winning frequency. Although, they can vary anywhere from 15%-30% depending on the website.

How do jackpot odds work?

Jackpots odds refer to at which frequency you can hit a game’s, well, jackpot. These odds are usually all over the place. It can vary anywhere from 1 in 10 million to 1 in 10 billion spins. Just like hit rates, reputable websites display this data on their websites. However, if they are not displayed then it is possibly truly up to fate whether you hit it or not. This is the main reason why online slot payouts usually refer to hit rates rather than jackpot odds.

Influence of volatility

Inexperienced players can end up confusing hit rates with volatility when it should not be confused. A high or low winning frequency does not show high or low volatility. Volatility actually refers to how much you win in the short term. Where hit rates refer to the percentage at which you can win on spins. High volatile slots tend to pay out lower amounts. Whereas low volatile slots tend to pay out more consistently. Here is where RTP comes into play. A high volatility slot with 96.5% RTP will pay out lesser amounts. A low volatility slot with the same RTP will payout more consistently.

Influence of RTP

RTP or Return to Player tells how much a game is going to pay out in the long run. This makes it one of the most important factors and one you should definitely consider. However, note that online slots usually do not pay right along its RTP regularly. It might take hundreds of spins to reach the mark. Even though it is not a very reliable option to determine what you will win in a session, you still should consider it for the long haul. The reason is it gives you a proper idea of how much you can win from a game.


As with all aspects of gambling, online slots too have a method and technical aspects related to them. Learning and considering these aspects is the best way to move forward with your games. Even though all these methods have their respective drawbacks, the hit rate is probably the most reliable method when it comes to slot payouts. As it tells you your winning percentage for the near future. However, for the long haul, the best thing to do is to correlate all these methods to plan out your games. This way you will have a clear idea of the situation. As a bonus, you will maximize your gains.

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